1606 Lynn Valley Rd
North Vancouver District, BC V7J

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This building (constructed around 1908) is 3-story, 19 room, rooming house. A tenant moved in 1 June 2006 and, even though he only stayed 1 month, he left behind a legacy of an infestation of bedbugs. Since then the landlords (2) have had the pest control technicians in 4 times to spray the whole building but to no avail.

It has been very poorly handled from the start.

For one thing, the tenants have been told to take any of their possessions that they don't want sprayed with insecticide o

ut of the building with them. They have done this in corrugated cardboard boxes which are then brought back into the building when they return some hours later right along with the bedbugs who have nested in the corrugations of the boxes and in the possessions themselves.

The landlord is also VERY lax in informing the tenants well ahead of time that the building is going to be sprayed so they have little time to properly organise their rooms so the technicians can get at the problem areas.

As a result, the problem has only become worse, not better, and the bedbugs are here in droves. The technicians are apparently going to be here again for the fifth time in about 40 hours and we have yet to receive ant warning of their arrival except for a rumour I heard from another tenant about an hour ago.

I, personally, am slowly packing every thing I have in my room, after a VERY thorough cleaning, away in plastic bags and then into plastic boxes which have double-sided carpet tape rapped around their outer, lower, walls and then moving these into a public storage warehouse. Problem is that this costs me not only money I can ill-afford on a pensioner's GIS budget, but time and energy I have little of due to three serious health problems.

We have bedbugs in abundance
Here and I doubt that they will go away without the eviction of all of the low-income tenants and a complete fumigation of the building being done.

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