938 Smithe St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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PS - you don't "see them", i.e. they don't run across the floor while your sitting there watching T.V., but at night they def come out!! They like to hide in the cracks of your bed and couches. If you live here and have never had a problem... God Bless whatever is guarding the walls of your suite!!!

I had bed bugs here in March 2010. I had lived there for 6 months without any problems when I noticed my little chihuahua had bug bits on his belly. I too had odd "spider like" bites. I beleived it to be a bad few spider bites but when I went to my dermotologist she informed me they were indeed bed bugs. My landlord (owner of the suite) payed for the extermination but it was absolutely disgusting and my bites didn't go away for weeks!! I had to rid my apartment furniture and clothes, everyth

ing had to be cleaned, it was a NIGHT MARE!!!! I was on the 19th floor. My neighbour across the hall told me she had them a month back, so they must have crept across the hall.

If you are thinking about renting or even worse, buying, don't. The problem will only get worse.....

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I have lived in this building since 2007, on the 12th floor and have never seen a bug of any kind in my apt. no cockroaches, no bedbugs, no silverfish. to the person who posted previous to me, 3 visits is the STANDARD treatment for a single incident from what I understand, so perhaps your posting was a bit sensationalist. this building is spotlessly maintained by management and janitorial staff.

You owners are full of shit...hope bedbugs eat u too

I am a renter in this building and confirm there are bedbugs in my unit. This building is also attached to 933 Hornby Street so I will post there as well. My unit is on the 11th floor facing the garden level.

I have not travelled in the last 6 months and I would say I keep my place in very good condition by anyone's reasonable standards. I started getting bites about 3 weeks ago. I thought it was from mosquitos at first until I found a bug one morning beside my bed. I have since found 4

more bugs on and around my bed and my body is covered in bites.

I had the exterminators in last Saturday and have taken all their recommended steps including washing every piece of clothing I own. It has been worse than moving!

I too called the manager to report the issue and he advised me that it is not a building issue but rather an individual suite problem. By posting this, I'm just hoping that more people will come forward so the problem can be dealt with properly before it gets worse for the entire building. My landlord has been great and offered to cover the full cost but we agreed on splitting it.It is so hard to tell where they are coming from because people don't want to report them. It is quite possible that I picked them up somewhere and brought them in but just as likely to have come in from another unit. The manager did confirm that there have been other reports of bugs in the building.

If you are affected, PLEASE REPORT!!!

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I am an owner/occupant in this building and have lived here for two years. I have not heard anything about bed bugs in the 2 years I've lived here. This list should not be used by people who don't live in the building to speculate on a very serious matter that doesn't concern the occupants of the building. If there were bed bugs in this building - there would be a legitimate report about it on this registry.

This building has many suites that are affected, however no one seems to be reporting them. The building manager says it is up to the owners & therefore they will do nothing!
One suite in here had to have them back 3x for treatment. They were told that their suite was not the source.

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