933 Hornby St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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As well I lived on the 11 floor facing the street side. I had 3 roommates in a 1 bedroom apt and I seems the only one who did report it. I did move out Sept1st 2011 and only lived there less then 1 month. I did bleach all of my clothes, shoes, all of what i had and with chance I am good since I move out. But honestly I even felt itches few days after i moved out even with new clothes.

I am the owner and current resident of a suite at 933 Hornby. Like the other post, I am also on the 11th floor.

I found I had bedbugs about two weeks ago. I reported this issue to the Resident Manager and Property Manager. The Resident Manager said Abell pest Control was going to be in to inspect another suite. I got in on this and had my suite inspected as well. They confirmed what I already knew. I am now moving forward with the eradication process with Abell. Their rate was very g

ood. If you have no bed, they charge a total of $300 for three visits. It sounds like they are making an agreement with the building and should be the guys to talk to. They were very professional. They are also going to make recommendations to the building mangament about how to prevent the spread.

I do not travell, and purchased all new furnishings when I moved in. He identified the bugs from coming from under the baseboards. The issue is not to assign blame, but to fix the problem. All it takes is one suite to ignore the issue (or be unaware) and it can continue to spread.

It is crucial for all suites to be aware of the problem and report it. this will help keep the building management in tune with the situation and take necessary action. If it is not reported, they cannot do anything about it, or the problem appears less worse than it actually is.

The building management said they have discussed the issue and are following up with the pest control company. It will be interesting to see if the building takes a proactive approach.

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I am a renter in this building and confirm there are bedbugs in my unit. This building is also attached to 938 Smithe Street so I will post there as well. My unit is on the 11th floor facing the garden level.

I have not travelled in the last 6 months and I would say I keep my place in very good condition by anyone's reasonable standards. I started getting bites about 3 weeks ago. I thought it was from mosquitos at first until I found a bug one morning beside my bed. I have since found 4

more bugs on and around my bed and my body is covered in bites.

I had the exterminators in last Saturday and have taken all their recommended steps including washing every piece of clothing I own. It has been worse than moving!

I too called the manager to report the issue and he advised me that it is not a building issue but rather an individual suite problem. By posting this, I'm just hoping that more people will come forward so the problem can be dealt with properly before it gets worse for the entire building. My landlord has been great and offered to cover the full cost but we agreed on splitting it.It is so hard to tell where they are coming from because people don't want to report them. It is quite possible that I picked them up somewhere and brought them in but just as likely to have come in from another unit. The manager did confirm that there have been other reports of bugs in the building.

If you are affected, PLEASE REPORT!!!

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