900 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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Last I went to 900 Burrard street in vancouver bc, the scotiabank theatre, was approx. 1.5 years ago. I had bedbugs crawling on me while I was watching a movie with my wife and a couple of friends. Two crawled on left hand and I freaked out. I saw them and started shaking my hand. I couldn't enjoy the movie because this isn't the first time I experienced bedbugs. I am the guy who wrote about bed bugs on 1278 granvile street in vancouver bc apartment 704. I wanted to leave but I had friends

with me and I whispered to my wife that I just saw bedbugs and her eyes just opened. I was positive that they were bedbugs because when I saw them the screen was so bright and saw them crawling on my hand. During the movie I felt that something was crawling on my legs but I think that was all psychological because I have no evidence of any bites or didn't feel or see anything on leg. The whole movie I am moving and stomping my legs on the floor...haha. That was funny. When we came out of the theatre I told my wife that I am not going home yet and that we should both walk around town and start jumping up and down. We did that for about 30 minutes...haha. When we got home, we took off all of our clothing by the front door and immediately placed all of our clothing in the washer at HOT level. I know that this might seem a bit paranoid but we ween't willing to have another infestation. Immediately after placing our clothing in the washer we jumped in the stand up shower and took a shower. Thank god none of them made it home. Jack

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