1495 Richards St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

Found 2 reports:

The 9th floor of this building has bedbugs. 901-903 are likely infested, from a resident on the same floor. She's freaking and has put diamatacious earth all around the edges of her unit.

We think it's the dirty guy in the middle suites, who has various animals. We're not sure what, but the smell at the door is strange.

Prompton is doing nothing about this, and won't notify neighbors of the infestation. Truly horrible service.

They deny there are problems here, but the owners have used these Condord buildings as vending machines through a leaseback program and have rented to anyone who will pay their overinflated rents. The worst culprit and the worst company you could rent from is Prompton Property management. They will take the shirt off your back and refuse repairs to you suite without blinking.

Many units in this building have had to be treated for bedbugs and they are very uncooperative. This building is also

very poorly constructed. Neighbors have contracted them through cracks in walls and window sills.

Don't rent from Prompton and don't rent or buy in this building

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