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I have had a difficult time determining that we had bed bugs since I have never experienced them before. I thought we were getting bitten by a hungry spider at night time who were making two bites each time. Called the pest control and they sprayed a general spray. This did not have much affect since we continued to find evidence of bites. A couple months went by and we had the unit steam cleaned which helped temporarily.We also went out of town a couple of times, so the bites stopped momentaril

y. I hadn't noticed them before, but had made up other reasons for the skin lesions I was getting. Once I heard a neighbor had had the experience I started looking up info on the internet. At that point I was certain that I had the critters. I told my land lord and they finally, after quite a bit of back and forth, had a company come into investigate. They didn't find any evidence. We were told we couldn't have treatment until they actually found a bug. They have not found any although we continued to have bites. Finally, they came to investigate again since there were multiple reports in the building. I found evidence of the ink splots in a pillow that I had once it was washed. They had been living inside. The pillow had been on my couch. No action was taking until by the landlord until after I kept complaining. My doctor told me the bites looked like bed bug bites, but my landlord told me that I needed a dermatologist to verify they were bed bug bites.It takes 6 months to get into a dermatologist with a referral. Finally, finally the landlords brought in a company that sprayed twice, two weeks apart. This did not help. We have been experiencing bites at an increasing rate. It is July now, 8 months after the first indications and we still need treatment. I have found the diatomaceous earth and am hoping that will do the trick however I do not know where the bugs are hiding. Under the carpet? Finally, the rugs are disgusting now that they have been sprayed, every last tiny particle sticks to the rug. I will have it cleaned for the third time this year. Thanks for the registry. I wish I had know about it before.

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