1330 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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I have lived at 1330 Burrard for 17 years. Never had a problem !

I agree with the sept 15th/11 comment.........

Ignorance is not an excuse for stupity

To the person making claims that the mexican people brought in bed bugs to say this quickly without wasting too much of my time or others reading this.........u are purly IGNORANT!!!!!!! How is it possible that you know that these people brought the beg bugs in? Did u go through their apartment looking through their things? Did u corner them in the hallway and they admitted to it?! Im glad you got the bugs and whereever you move next i hope all the people in the building know its YOU that brough

t the bugs in. Its a shame that theres people like you still walking around as ignorant as you are.

see full report...

Several apartments on the 9th floor were treated in 2007 and again in fall 2009 and spring 2010. Management did an inspection in May 2010 - they didn't find any but the building has never been treated as a whole - just individual suites one at a time - which is a good way to *not* treat the problem. I personally haven't seen any since Nov. 2009 but new neighbor down the hall has, and so have the people next to and across from that suite.

I live at 1330 burrard street and my neighbour had rented his apartment out to people from Mexico. They had brought them in and then moved out. I had got them after that.

this happened on around October 2009

No nearby bug reports