1221 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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I went to Vancouver and stayed at the Ramada Inn on Granville for my best friends 30th birthday! My sister found a nasty bed bug on her pillow as she was taking a nap! We informed the front desk supervisor (who was showing way too much cleavage and looked unprofessional) and she didnt seem too phased by our findings, all she did was say she could offer us free parking and change our sheets. We didnt feel this was enough so we left and moved over to a cleaner hotel down the street. I

feel that until we made demands about our accomodations that the supervisor was quick to dismiss our health and safety concerns. Now that i have done research im not surprised, it seems that wasnt their first incident, they need to spray the whole building down or even close it down. I will never stay at another Ramada in Vancouver again, what a horrible experience!!!

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I found a bed bug on my pillow and when me and my group addressed to the supervisor she stated this hotel does not manufactor bed bugs. All they offered to do was change the sheets and give us free parking. this was the worst experience ever and i will never stay at another ramada inn!

I was staying at the Ramada at the beginning of July for two weeks as I was attending school. My son came down to visit me and on the last day of his stay I found a bed bug on his pillow. I grabbed it in a kleenex and immediately looked it up on the internet. Sure enough it was a bed bug, I was very upset as I still had another 5 days to stay here. I went down to the front desk and asked the girl if she knew what I had in the kleenex, she relpied no and that she really didn't want to know.

I then informed her that I had found this bed bug on my sons pillow, she show no sign of being surprised and basically told me that this was not uncommon since the olympic this year. They gave me back the money for the remainder of my stay and I left and found another hotel. I did hours of laundry and was sure I had taken every precaution in order not to bring any with me. Unfortunately, at the end of August my son found one on his bed at home. We contacted the Ramada several times by email to let them know that their lack of diligence was going to cost my family at least $500 if not more. We are still waiting for some sort of reponse, and it is now Oct. I will never stay at another Ramada and would recommend that anybody going to any hotel take precautions before entering the room, by leaving luggage outside and checking thoroughly before entering, because once you get them they are hard to get rid of not to mention costly and detrimental to ones sanity. This experience has been life altering as I spend many nights awakening to what I think might be a bed bug. I hope that one day life will return to normal, but I don't see that in the near future.

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Ramada Vancouver.

Sept 19, 2009

Room 304.

Ate the hell out of me.

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