1212 Howe St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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This was in 2003 before the building was renovated. I had bedbugs and cockroaches in my suite! My neighbour knocked on my door one day asking "do you hear things crawling in the walls at night?". I said no...and was really disturbed by the question...until a short while later, I was sleeping and a cockroach landed on my leg (it dropped from the ceiling). I also caught one in the light of day and showed it to the landlord, who asked the pest control person to phone. He told me "it was an out

door bug". It clearly was a cockroach...and he wouldn't tell me what species of insect it was. He then said, if the building did have bedbugs and roaches, they would have to spray it with cyanide to kill the bugs and that would also kill humans so....
The jest of everything is that this place was crawling with infesting insects and I"m sure he gym and restaurants downstairs don't help matters! Also it is close to Granville. I really should have had my rent reimbursed since I was in hell from the day I moved in! Slept with my lights on in the end! YUCK!

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