1188 Howe St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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i live on the 26th floor and my roommate has recently been bitten by a bed bug. When I approached the building manager he said that there have been no bed bugs this high up in the building. When i looked at this registry I noticed someone on the 25th floor had them in 2009.The building manager is a liar.Do not believe him if he tells you there are no bedbugs in the upper half of the building.

I've lived in this building for 8yrs and have never seen a bed bug. Unclean or people that have bought second hand furniture are usually the people that have a problem. Building management and building supervisor have all changed in the past little while and front lobby lights have been added, now I don't see anymore of a problem than any other neighbourhood in the downtown.

Check room carefully for bedbugs before moving 1188 Howe. Bedbugs are very hard to get rid of.

friends of mine shared an apartment for 5 years there. they had bed bugs (and other bugs!) from the day they moved in to the day they moved out. the building is disgusting -- there's a rat problem, drug dealers, homeless people sleeping in the stairs, lots of break ins, lots of fires which cause flooding in all the floors below them (usually from the top floors too) and there's a huge black (TOXIC!!) mold problem all over the building. they even found raccoons and coyotes in the elevators, lobby

, and on their floor MANY times. be warned.

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I lived in this building for a year. I am surprised I didn't leave with bed bugs! The building is absolutely filthy. The fire alarm was pulled almost every weekend in the middle of the night. The management is terrible. Drug dealers were constantly coming and going. It got to the point where my boyfriend didn't feel it was safe for me to stay in our apartment alone when he was away on business. Needless to say, when our lease was up, we left.

Just moved out of apartment 1002. rented it furnished and stayed there seldom. Had a guest stay there one weekend and she got bit from head to toe. Next day the doctor confirmed the bites were bed bugs. Moved out immediately. The apartment had a history of transients and several police incidents. None of which i was informed about. Place was also filthy and way over priced. Be warned!!!

Moved to an apartment in 25th floor. The landlord has not told me that there are bedbugs. On my 2nd day the pest control came to my apartment because the former tenant had ordered them. The sprayed but on the same evening I saw a bed bug walking on the floor. The pest control came today with a bedbug-sniffing dog. The dog found bugs in the furniture and - even worse - also in my luggage.

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