1176 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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We stayed one night, August 10th, 2012 in room 207. Through the night I kept thinking I was being bit by something. Didn't actual look until the morning when I woke up to a definite bite to my leg! Sure enough when I pulled the sheets back, there were bed bugs!! Confirmed with Internet pictures. We told the hotel clerk and his response was 'surprised' but he did say, "we haven't had bed bugs for years!" he also said that his manager was not available, so all he could do was take 50% off room rat


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Room 117. Did not actually visualize any bugs, but VERY certain that some kind of bug was biting me... developed numerous bite marks surrounded by welts on my chest, legs and arms. Found myself waking up throughout the night scratching my legs & a very itchy back. I will NEVER stay at this hotel again. I really wish I had found this website before this encounter!! I will never cheap out on my accommodations again.

Howard Johnson Vancouver
1176 Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Room 201

Stayed there for a concert on March 19th 2008. While sleeping I felt a slight sting on my forehead and brushed it a little. Then notice a bug crawling on my pillow. I grabbed it, thinking at first it was a tick! But it crushed easily. I stumbled to the bathroom and checked out my head, finding a sizable bite mark. The next morning I did a quick 'net search to confirm what bed bugs look like...sure enough.

Luckily, within a few hours the bite mark reduced in size, and I was careful not to scratch it....even though it was itching like crazy at one point.

I told the hotel clerk about it, his response was "oh, sorry..." and knocked the 12 bucks for parking off of the bill. Not sure if he really believed me. But I told him I left the "body" on the night table to check out if he wished.

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