1119 Hornby St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

Found 2 reports:

the previous manager died and since then the building cleanliness has improved at least 3fold...
(management shifted 2+yrs ag0)
if you live in Vancouver you will get BedBugs period...
if you can't cope, don't use public transit/FUCK OFF (you don't know what you're dealing with)

I lived at 1119 Hornby street (the Murrey hotel)for a few months. When I reported the problem to the land lord he got angry and sugessted that I had brought them with me. I left in april.

All I can say is that I didnt have them when I moved in. I ended up getting rid of ALL my stuff to make sure I didnt bring any hitch hikers with me. That was expensive!

I understand there is a service where a guy brings in a dog to sniff for them. I havent tried it but it sounds like a good idea to me!

Has anyone else tried it? How much does it cost?

By the way, heat kills them, so anything you want to bring away with you, wash and dry your clothes on hot ( throw away the bags you carried the clothes to the laundry in!)and anything that you cant wash (IE papers, art, etc) try heating in the oven and holding it for an hour at 250 degrees (put it in while the oven is cool and let it heat slowly), then let it cool slowly by turning off the oven and letting it cool with the door closed. This will protect fragile things from cracking due to thermal shock. Paper will not burn at 250 degrees. This WILL NOT work for books. Yes, they hide in books, so dont buy from used book stores. :-(
I know this sucks, I love used books. But what can you do?

Thank you for this forum.

see full report...

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