1010 Howe St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

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Although this building is a privately ownned strata, there is a really high percentage of rental suites. A few suite owners dont give a f*#k about who they rent to, and the suites are constantly having problems. Unit 408 and 201 are always in the strata minutes, and I think 314. Anyone, owner or rental tenant can read these at 1010howe.com

I am an owner, but have moved out due to the problems with the rental population in the building. I loved my home, but I couldn't handle the idiots part

ying all the time and making unbearable noise all day and night, and the bed bugs coming from the suite next door.

It is a great building and the strata council tries hard to make it liveable, but the problem are the arseh*le owners who don't care. I lived on the 5th floor, and one owner kept putting immigrant students next to me from mexico. Despite the strata council evicting the residents twice, he still continued to put crazy partying students there.

But, i digress. Bedbugs. The strata council attacks a bed bug problem as soon as it is reported, and they hired a company (Care Pest Control i think) to come and deal with it. I recieved 3 or 4 chemical sprays as well as heat treatments to all my furnishings. They also came in and did an inspection with a dog before and after. I had to put all my clothes in plastic bags after everything spent hours at the highest setting in the dryer to kill the bugs. There was a lot of prep work to do durning the fumigation, and it was a big toll on me emotionally. Financially, it was around $1,200. But, i know my suite is bed bug free.

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June 27th, 2011

Has anyone that has lived in this building since this had any problems?

- Thank you!

I do not like being accused as the "sole source of the bedbugs". I have lived in this suite for 4 years, have not gone traveling, had people in and out of my suite nor have bought used furniture. I completely understand your explaination but the accusatory facts are what upset me and are a convenient excuse for the strata council when I know for a fact that two suites, very close to mine, have had bed bugs in the past. I am not saying or accusing the strata that they do nothing, it is the fac

t that they seem to think that are bed bug experts and can determine who brought them in.

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In response to "Lolly".

All bed bugs reported to the strata council are immediately dealt with by having a canine inspection for the suite reporting, as well as the suite to the immediate left, right, above and below. After the inspection of 5 suites, both times, your suite was the ONLY suite that had the infestation, therefore, it was determined that you were the sole source of the bed bugs.

Bed bugs do not indiscriminately choose specific suites, skipping one or two units, then attackin

g yours. They travel in predictable patterns and to state that it was from other units is misleading. Also misleading is that the infestation in your unit ruined your bedroom furniture. Bed bugs do not burrow or tunnel into furnishings. They live in existing crevasses, leaving their hiding spots to feed, mostly at night.

You have now had 2 'Gold' treatments by Care Pest Control. You are still slated for a 3rd inspection and spraying if necessary. Treatment programs are long drawn out processes and are expensive.

To others reading this note, 1010 Howe Strata Council and Property Management takes bed bug reports seriously and takes all immediate steps to eradicate the infestation. Residents such as 'Lolly' write misleading stories as they are upset that the cost for bug cleanup is billed back to the unit determined to be the source, which can cost thousands of dollars.

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I have had bed bugs in my suite for a few months. Apparently, they were some in a transient suite a couple of doors from me a few months prior as well as a suite beside me. I have contacted my property manager to deal with the situation. The strata had a pest control person come in. It did not work. My property informed me that the strata council believes my suite is the problem and I am responsible for them. They have ruined my entire bedroom furniture.

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