10251 St Edwards Dr
Richmond, BC V6X

Found 2 reports:

My son went to this hotel and came home with bed bugs he has 2 small children and is now on his second house spraying . This has put him and his family in a very bad situation not to mention the expense of the spraying which is over 600.00 dollars . They went in July the week of the 25-30 to this date which is September mid they still are encountering bed bugs .... who knows when they will finally be free of these bugs.

A recent stay at this '4 star' hotel left us with a little more than we had bargained for *Sandman Signature, Richmond BC. The room, which at first was at first quite nice, turned out to be infested (room 310). Upon finding the bedbugs, we asked to be refunded, but they only offered us a different room in their building which I found to be unacceptable. This report is from April 30th, 2010.

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