3707 W 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6R

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Been living here 2 years and not once but twice have bedbugs appeared on my floor. I live on the 10th floor a couple doors down from the old married couple who is the janitor of the building & I would swear it's them who keeps bringin'em in. Twice they've had to rip my carpets out & I'm gettin fed up. Even worse they don't reimburse me for any of the costs im out out including the weeks of hotels and replacing all my belongings twice. Only reason I'm here is cuz I can't afford to move.

How are you have a cat there are no pets allowed but my neighbours also has 2 dogs. I heard that bedbug come on in a dog to building.

I was one of those who had an infestation and would not wish it on anyone. I have no idea how i got them but from what i've read, they can travel in hallways, electrical system and heating systems. They are nearly impossible to get rid of. My cat has bites all over him, or i think they are bites from bed bugs, because I don't think he has fleas.
Good luck!

A month ago there was bedbug breakout because I see the pest control workers in elevator and he tell me it was on some higher floors. Thanks-goodness bugs did not came down to my floor but now I am scared but he say it is ok.

Someone on my floor had an infestation. They did treat several apartments including mine. I had no bed bugs, but i had to bag everything and live out of a suitcase for a long time.
As far as I know they are taken care of, but I still wake up at night in a panic somtimes and have to turn on the light and search everywhere.

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