8938 Montcalm St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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Just moved in last week and have already found two bedbugs, one in the bathtub and the other on my bed. New landlord took care of the problem quickly and sprayed my apartment, and two others as well as the hallway outside my apartment. So far, haven't found any other bugs and haven't been bitten in a few days.

Don't see any bed bugs, but getting bitten at night in bed in a bed bug characteristic fashion. This is a new problem. My apartment has never had bed bugs before.

Our apartment had bedbugs for quite some time, and I was diligent and keeping them at bay - I don't know if they are still around, I have not seen one in months now. I have put Diatomaceous Earth in all the cracks around my room which seems to have done the trick, as well as steaming my bed on a regular basis. I recommend anyone living here to use Diatomaceous Earth in the cracks around your apartment.
Our apartment was sprayed twice but the bugs still came back - since using the natural remedy

and steaming, I haven't seen any. If I do again, I will report it and get sprayed again - if anyone else in the building ever has a problem, please report it. Management WILL get an exterminator, but will only get it done for your apartment - the upkeep you need to do afterward is crucial. I think this is why people keep having a problem - upkeep is critical to get rid of the problem.

I never had any bites that I know of, BUT I did see the bugs several times. Some people don't seem to have a physical reaction, and others do.

If I see them again, I'm getting rid of everything and am outta here.

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I\'ve been living here for a year and have not seen a single bed bug. What is crawling here and in large numbers are SilverFish bugs, which are long, fast and never bite. Have any of you actually been bitten?

The landlords are not taking care of this properly, the bed bug problem is only getting worse, they don't spray enough and they only spray the suites of people who complain, but the bed bugs are everywhere, they are crawling in under the doors and coming through the walls...

This building is FULL of bed bugs, multiple apartments. Stay away.

Unit 103
Bugs discovered October 20, 2008

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