8792 Osler St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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Update: This building is now bed bug free; the landlord immediately contacted Orkin Pest Control, and after multiple sprayings and application of DE, the problem was solved by January 2010.

Still no sign of bed bugs in the apartment building months later. Go Orkin, and go good management!

Moved in earlier this month, started getting the odd bite here and there. Thought it was fleas or mosquitos, since the previous owner had a dog and smoked(thus I had the window open a lot), and vacuumed diligently. No improvement, and I was getting bitten more as the week went on, mostly feet, some arms.

Stayed up a little later than normal last night, and when I pulled back the covered found a full grown bed bug scuttling across my mattress. Caught and ID'd it over the internet, then did a s

weep after laying for an hour in the bed, and saw some younger versions.

Disgust. Just finished unpacking all my stuff, and now I'll have to invest hundreds in re laundering and packing it up for the exterminators. Am calling the landlord today!

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