8708 French St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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In February 2012, we got 2 or 3 bedbugs in our apt. Not knowing better, I called pest control who came on a day later. While waiting for the pest control guy to be finished to lock the door, I ran into the bldg mgr and told her. I found out, the elderly gentleman below us had a serious infestation and didn't say anything about it. The bldg owner & mgr started cleaning up the gentleman apt. and pest control sprayed a bunch of suites approx. 7 times.
I obtained permission from the owner to tear

all carpets in our suite (hardwood floors under), so we did. We took baseboards off, patched holes, caulked between floors and walls, etc. We washed everything we could in hot water and moved it into our off-site locker. Between May and August 2012, we had no bugs in our place. But all of a sudden, they are back. We got sprayed again and so far, 3 weeks later, we have not seen any but who knows.
A lot of our belongings are still off-site. We live like we are moving all the time.
Our owner and manager have worked hard to try to remedy the problem, but who knows?

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