8678 Osler St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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From September, 2008 to June, 2010, there were German cockroaches in the building. Five suites were infested, but one was the main problem.

The managers under which the problem began were the large company TRANSGLOBE, who refused to deal with my issues or force the whole building to get treatments for the problem.

HENRY HUNG of HUNG MANAGEMENT bought the building in October, 2009, and refused to address the worsening issues with cockroaches until a few of us tenants complained to VANCOUVER

CITY inspectors, who compelled him to treat the building.

I have not had cockroaches again since then, and it's nearly 18 months later. It was BAD for a long time, though.

There was, however, a bedbug infestation in Apartments 4 and 200 in June of 2011, but apparently it was treated immediately, and I have not had any of those appear, so it's been 6 months.

There is now a live-in caretaker, so things are improving, but he's still a cheap owner and I'm not optimistic on the bug front. I'll be moving in a month, before "bug season" begins again.

You've been cautioned. This street has far better buildings than this one. I highly recommend the one immediately north of this building, as its caretakers are the most thorough I've ever seen.

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This entire building is infested with all sorts of bugs. I was interested in moving from a one bedroom into a two bedroom upstairs and the landlord (Transglobe Property management) said this wasn't possible because it was being fumigated. I told her I was also having a problem with bugs and perhaps the problem was throughout the entire building. I never heard from her again. I looked up these bugs and the ones in my apartment were "Russian Cockroaches". I tried killing them myself but finally ju

st decided to give up and leave last April 2009. My experience in this apartment was disgusting.

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