8655 Cartier St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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A woman in Suite 203 at 8655 Cartier St., Vancouver was first bitten by bed bugs in May, 2010. The caretaker of the building told her that none of Jordan Development's buildings have bed bugs. The tenant then went to her doctor to confirm bed bugs bites and wrote a letter to the property manager. Property Manager didn't take action until July. I was bitten in my suite #302 on Aug. 8th, 2010. The property manager had hired Poulins Pest Control and they sprayed my suite 3 times, but I was still

being bitten. I then purchased a product called dietomaceus earth which is available at plant stores (Art Knapp). It is chemical and odour free and has the consistancy of talcum powder - very easy to use. It sticks to the waxy outer shell of the bugs and dehydrates them and kills them. It is safe enough to sprinkle into your bed sheets. My landlord (Jordan Developments) has told me that bed bugs don't spread through the building but that they are spread by the tenants themselves. I have not been bitten since Oct. 14th so I assume my suite is bed bug free. I never want to go through that again. The bites are very nasty and I suffered nerve toxicity as well.

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