8635 Shaughnessy St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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Pretty sure the person called "Greatful Tenant" is actually the building manager because there is no denying this building is completely infested and zero support but 100% of the blame has been given to us, current tenants of 8635 shaughnessy st.

I currently live in 102 and I have not noticed any bed bugs. I have seen mice in my kitchen, however and silverfish are a daily occurence. My washroom has mould in the tiles also. This building should be condemned, as it is a health hazard.

Our company had sent a professional pest control company to inspect the 101 unit for bed bug infestation. The inspection report written by the Pest control company stated that they had found no presents of the bed bug and found no sign of bedbug infestation. All the tenants who had lived in the 101 units before her did not had any bedbugs infestation while living in the unit for 7 years and another lived there for 1 year.

Hi I am a tenant currently in 8635 shaughnessy street in unit 101 and I have lived here for two months and me and my husband started getting bit the first week we moved in and recently noticed a bed bug in our bed as it was bitting us. the landlord got a pest control guy in and he said we didnt have any bugs but I saw it with my own eyes and see all the signs and if anyone has lived in suite 101 at 8635 shaughnessy street and got bed bugs from livig there can you nplease give me your phone numb

er because I am going to the landlord tenancy board and taking them to court for letting us move in and not telling us about the bed bugs and then also deniing that their ever was bed bugs in the building. I am devestated that this has happend to me and my family this suit also has countless problems health concirning so please anyone that has gotten bed bugs from this building please leave your phone number or email on this site. thanx #101

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There was a angry tenant who brought the bedbugs into his unit and try to freak other tenants inside the building with tales of bedbugs. Luckily, i wrote a letter to the management and clear some of the tales out. I have been living in the apartment for past 4 yrs and never had any bedbug or other bugs problems and i think the pest control company, Orkin, hired by the managerment is pretty good keeping the bug undercontrol. If bedbug is keep coming back, even if the unit is sprayed repeatly, you

should doubt, not the management, but the tenants themselves.

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I know of at least one apartment on the first and second floors which have been sprayed repeadedly for bed bugs since the summer. The bed bugs keep coming back. The management is concentrating on the two units, only, instead of carrying out thorough inspections of the adjoining units. Management did have a pest control company visually inspect some of the units in the building. The fact that one of the units inspected was found clean, yet had to be sprayed for an infestation two weeks later

puts the quality of those inspections in question. I don't believe that they understand what is required to eliminate the pests.

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