8635 Hudson St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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The guy who has complained about this apartment is a liar about the conditions surrounding his acknowledgement of the bed bug issue. Its a good apartment that is well run by management. once the awareness of the situation occurred, management has been taking action on the matter. He has taken furniture out of his place which probably has bedbugs so now he has more than likely brought them to his new place of residency. his complaint about money stealing from the laundry room and people bring in

furniture from the street has nothing to do with him, he is not getting his deposit back because he did not give his 30 day notice. landlords beware of this tenant as he is a risky tenant.

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I have lived this place for 10 months and had lots of problem as loud tenants, people stealing money from washer and dryers, bringing furniture from back alleys. Next Door tenant have his unit sprayed by CarePest and we haven't been told what for? After a week I got bitten 11 spots on my back and that's how we found out that this apartment is infested with Bedbugs, my wife got bitten from her ankle and this caused a lot of stress for us as we bought medicine and creams for bites and bug sprays t

o fight back and I decided the move out right away, they are refusing to give me my security deposit, I wish I could have the time to spot these creatures before the end of previous month but I can't risk my belongings to be infested with bedbugs, I hated this building and it's living conditions, so beware of this apartment, put your hard earned money somewhere else.

People should give notice and should be clear why are they calling CarePest for , I mean this is ridiculous, just stay away from this building.


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