8616 Oak St
Vancouver, BC V6P

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Carpenter ants! They are a recurrent problem every spring and summer since the nest on the west facing, ground floor side of the building has never been eradicated. The ants are huge and make there way through the floors of the building. Pest control was brought in but they could only provide stop-gap measures. The ants have been a continued problem all year. The ants are everywhere and get into everything. No matter how vigilante we are about cleaning the apartment and making sure no food is ac

cessible or left out for them to scavenge. Thy don't bite but I have woken up to find them crawling on me. Just don't move in unless you know they've killed the ant nest because peat control can't do much at this stage of infestation.

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The infestation started in apartment 409, twice! Then, as mentioned by tlmac, management updated the plumbing, cutting open walls and allowing the bugs to spread. There were ~6 apartments infested, over all four floors, on the north side of the building.

The construction was 1.5 years ago and there have been no signs infestations in the last year.

I received a letter in my mailbox from a neighbor regarding a lawsuit against the company that owns the building over a bed bug problem. I thought she was a little crazy so I ignored it, then asked a neighbor. Apparently a renovation had actually spread the bed bug problem. I thought I'd be ok but then I started getting bit. Recently I found 2 big bed bugs in my bathroom and 2 in my bed. Enough for me, I'm tossing my bed(its rather old anyway) and my couch, and am off to a new place!! They dont

tell you about it so maybe enter with care!!

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