1386 W 71st Ave
Vancouver, BC V6P

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Oct 2010. I swatted one on me in my sleep. My son and I had a few weird zit-like 'bites' one week. We both had it and it wasn't like anything I had seen. I saw one crawling across the kitchen floor and kept it in a jar as a specimen, identified it with pictures on the internet. I had captured one once in another apartment I had rented in the past. I wasn't home at night for a long time, maybe a month, when I returned I slept with the light on. Never had any signs since. No signs on any of my bel

ongings or while cleaning when I moved out. Moved out in Dec 2010.
Oh yeah, and I think this building is haunted and I don't even believe in ghosts, but that's another story.

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