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May 15/16, 2011 - The Coast hotel is doing its best with a difficult situation - bedbugs are affecting hotels of all classes all over Vancouver. It is a very clean hotel, and has helpful staff, BUT there seems to be a significant bedbug threat for them to deal with, at least on the 4th floor. After being bitten on the first night of my stay in a room on the 4th floor, I was moved to another room in another wing. They had the pest control company in right away, confirmed that there were indeed

bedbugs in my first room, and did a check in my second room, to put my mind at ease. I had found that my new room had plastic casings on the mattress and boxspring, which indicate bedbug control measures. I asked about the room, and the hotel reported that it had had no bedbug complaints in the past year. And the pest control person said there were not bedbugs in my new room, after inspecting it, and I did not wake up with new bites the next morning. However,by that morning, 2/3 of the rooms all around me had warning signs on them (at least some of the rooms were inhabited), which seemed to indicate bedbugs, as the same sign was on my original room. The hotel was very apologetic, and refunded to cost of my room for the two nights, without being asked. My advice to those staying in hotels is ask to know the maintenance record of the room you have been assigned, since I think that hotels record information about pest treatments and other maintenance for each room, and can look it up. I asked cleaning staff for plastic bags and bagged all my belongings before heading home, and then left all items outside and brought them in bit by bit to be washed in hot water and put in the dryer (the heat will kill bedbug larvae and adults). Do your homework before and after you stay in a hotel.

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