2754 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6K

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I have lived here and have 4 apartments in the building for my students and know everyone here as it is a small cute building with only around 25 occupants and we all know each other quite well and no one has bedbugs . We talk about it regularly as it is good to connect with our neighbors and be preferable . I think maybe a long time ago it may have but I know as I have apartments on each floor and no one has any at all . It's really nice being apart of a place with nice people and a small nit n

eighborhood. This is for sure because it's not like they can hide I mean if there is bedbugs a person would get bit the first day . It's not like bedbugs can go unnoticed. They are in your space right away and I have no bedbugs . Thanks for your time

see full report...

I've never seen a bedbug in this building and I've lived here for 3 years. I think the previous poster had a grudge against the land lord. The next door neighbours are a bit dodgy though...

lived on 3rd floor..full of bed bugs..contacted landlord didnt care..leave asap..

I live in this building and I would like to know more.

Got bit, covered in a rash. Apartment is full of bugs. Do not move in here!!!!!

apartment is full of bed bugs, cockroaches, and silver backs..we are leaving..stay away..landlord doesnt care!

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