2520 Macdonald St
Vancouver, BC V6K

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We are tenants, mostly single parents headed by women, and have not been told by the landlords for that bedbugs have been in the building for a year or so. Already financially stressed, noe we have to spend the money that we don't have on the constant laundering and steam-cleaning. This housing corporation better be ready to pay the extermination bills ,or expect a class action legal proceeding! Trust me, we have families: pets, spouses and children, and we tenants are doing everything we can n

ow that we know-we all just learned in the last few days. The
landowners are starting the exterminations now.

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February and March 2011 I have been getting bitten approximately every three nights. Trying to get rid of them by washing and vacuming but still have note acutally seen any bugs to the land lord is not prepared to pay for an exterminator until there is "proof" that the bites are bed bugs.

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