2065 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J

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I've lived in the building for 3 years - 1 year in one suite, 2 years in the second suite. I didn't have a single problem in the first suite, but started to get bed bug bites a couple months after moving into second suite. The building management has been good at treating the problem, in the sense they fumigate when asked, but the bugs keep coming back. I've heard from another individual in the building that he also found bed bugs in his unit. They're not as bad as other stories I've heard, but

it's just a matter of time.

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On January 26th i noticed an unusual bug in my living room. My friend identified it as a bed bug. I contacted the management of the building and my closest neighbours right away. The building management told me the source of the bugs was the suite below me. They called in the Pest Control who treated my apartment and three others.

Time will tell!

The Building is called the Sydney and is located at 2065 West 12th avenue, Vancouver V6J 5L9 and is owned and managed by Bastion Developmen


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