1340 W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6H

Found 2 reports:

Update: Affected suite and adjoining suites have been inspected by Abell and all seems to be clear for now. I guess affected suite tenant went ahead and used BC bugs when the management company already has a pest control company under contract (which is why he had to pay out of his own pocket). Management has posted a notice informing tenants of what is going on and what the next steps are. Hope this is the end of it but we'll see.

Bed bugs discovered on one of the upper floors at the end of October 2010. BC Bugs has just done their second visit to the suite. The tenant who is going through this (and paid for the company visits out of their own pocket) is trying hard to get rid of them and has thrown out bed etc.

Waiting to see if management company does anything about this problem re: the rest of the building. Concerned that the bed bugs are in the walls and may be traveling between floors/suites.

Thought about mov

ing but what if the next place has bedbugs too ?

see full report...

No nearby bug reports