990 Broughton St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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I went to this location, and have friends who live here. The one has lots of bites, although the tenants only found one bedbug themselves. The exterminators couldn't find anything.
The tenants have no idea where the bedbugs could have come from
Thought I would report it just to have it noted in case there is a huge outbreak, someone needs to know.

Alas, I was the renter of the penthouse at 1204 from March 09 to Nov 09.

Just moved there from England - all my stuff brand new from the Bay and Urban Barn. Had no idea bed-bugs even existed, let alone were a problem in Vancouver.

The building manager told me upon signing that I might hear some stories about it from other residents, but they would treat the place anyway just in case. Never gave it another thought.

Low and behold 6 months later the whole place is infested and they

are coming out of the walls from the baseboards.

Had to move out in December! Pouring rain into a more expensive apartment.

Lost all my stuff except my clothes.

Should have sued them, but just put it down to experience.

Now i wont live in the West End, even though I love the neighborhood.

Reckon it cost me @ $4000 in losses - and the regional manager called me when i reported it to the building manager and accused me of having brought them in!

Took them 6 weeks to return my deposit, and me having to chase them over and over.

NEVER, EVER, EVER, rent a place in this building!!!

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As a responsible landlord we would like to respond to the postings that surround this building. Although we, like many other landlords in the area, did have a bedbug problem, it has been long rectified. We conducted extensive and exhaustive cleanses of the building and have had no reported cases in almost one year. We continue to be vigilant in inspecting suites, and as of our last inspection in April 2010 we were still beg bug free. We ask for the continued cooperation of our residents and

if any issues related to pests are discovered we will act immediately to minimize disruption to people's enjoyment of their home.


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This message is for those tirelessly defending such a good company as CAP REIT.
BBB has a totally different opinion about this slumlord - http://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews/property-management/cap-reit-in-mississauga-on-1148170

You got it right, CAP REIT is rated "F" on BBB, the WORST LANDLORD IN CANADA!!!

People want to know the true, here i go, I lived on the 11th floor, i was sprayed often approx 10 times during a one year period. the few "experts" that they hired was the worse company. sprayed around the room without going behind things. during my time there, they fired a few managers...upper management never stepped in. just imagine packing almost every month

Dear "nightmare 1203", I feel your pain. CAP REIT will not pay you a penny unless you take them to the court. Please post your pictures if you have any on facebook. There is a group called Cap Reit: Canada's Landlord of Negligence - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2243762579.

april 1st 2010 we moved in to the appartment 1203 (penthouse level) AVOID MOVING IN 1203 AND THE WHOLE BUILDING!!!

we asked them if there was or has been any bedbug report on this floor/ building.... and of course... they promess us that there would be NO bedbug in our unit. ( and that no incident happen)

just after we move all our stuff in the unit.. ( box on the carpet... mattress/ boxspring in the room, couch in the living room) we found tons of bedbugs crawling out of the wall and get

ting out of the wall where the heater pipe was... this is an infestation....( at least 30 bedbug that we can see whit our eye) but they only get out at night and its impossible to see them during the day since they hide all the evidence ( wash carpet and clean.

as we realize that.... we had to move all our stuff on the linoleum hoping they did not get in our box and stuff.

its was already really late at night and there was exactly nothing we could do at that moment so we had to go wake up a friend to sleep somewhere where we wont be bitten by those disgusting pest.
after a night thinking that i have to move out of there asap. .. i went really mad to talked to the building manager.

they accept to brake my lease because there was bedbug before i arrived. ( they actually told me they treated the unit 2 day before my arrival and they let me in knowing they needed to do another treatment...without telling me)

they refuse to provide me an exterminator to treat my stuff before i moved out ( april 03) so i lost my couch,... mattress, boxspring.
i had to bring my stuff in a storage unit since i had nowhere to live in the time beeing.

i had to wash everything i own ( 39 load of laundry) steam clean everything, and rent a total of 3 u-haul truck + storage unit to move my stuff in the place, to the storage unit and to my new place finally. i had to book 10 day off work since i needed to put a roof over my head before anything... ( i also have a little puppy that doest deserve all the stress of moving 3 time in a month.

this whole experience cost me about 3000$, a lot of anxiety, stress, fatigue and exhaustion. Cap reit did not do anything to help the process... it took me about 3 week to receive my damage deposit back/ first month rent (around 2030$).
they did not treat my stuff, or offer me any money for all my expense.

it was a nightmare...

we also got told that there was an infestation in the unit beside 1203 about a year ago and they treated 1201, 1202, 1203.

knowing the level of the infestation.... i talked to a lot of exterminator and they would be surprise if they actually can get rid off all the bed bug permanently ... they will probably treat it... and in about 6 month some survivor bedbug that were in the wall will show up again and the whole story will start over again...



if you need any information concerning our experience or if you have move yourself in 1203 you can e-mail me at [email protected]

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We've been fighting our bugs since December, 4 months of living with our belongings in plastic bags, lost sleep, etc etc etc, the same old story.

The current managers are amazing people. They are doing as much as Cap Reit will let them do. Cap Reit requires that they use Critter Rescue, a totally ineffective and useless company that does a very quick perimeter spray.

My roomate and I are finally leaving the building. It's clear that there is not going to be any positive change here. It's

a pity because our apartment and view is amazing.

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We had a huge misfortune to live in the CAP REIT owned building located at 1021 Howay Street in New Westminster, BC. We had countless sleepless nights and lived through a plastic bag hell. Our apartment was sprayed 5 times in 3 months with no success, the problem was only getting worse and we were finding more and more bugs.
CAP REIT was using services of a contractor called "Done Right". All their treatments were super quick and done in a “slam bang - and it's done” way. Later the

company changed the name to "Critter Rescue" but the same people were doing express treatments (I wonder why the name was changed). Moreover the Pest control was in violation of the Integrated Pesticide Management Act of BC; this was reported to the Ministry of Environment of BC. A government action was executed against “Done Right”/Critter Rescue”, despite this fact CAP REIT still uses services of that company.
Since “Done Right”/”Critter Rescue” started dealing with the problem it only got worse. When it started in August 2009, bugs were only in unit 331. Now according to K9 inspection they are in 6! units, they are: 231, 232, 331, 332, 431, 432. So far four tenants moved out of the infested apartments: 231, 232, 431, 432 are now vacant. Unfortunately it looks like CAP REIT and their contractor successfully fights tenants (not the bugs), by putting tenants into substandard living conditions and that forces people to run away.
The exact same problem was reported in March of 2009 by CBC - http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2009/03/30/bc-bedbugs.html
In my case and the case described in the CBC article CAP REIT was acting in the exact same manner, poorly handling the case; even the Pest Control company remained the same. Numerous complaints and attempts to convince CAP REIT to hire a different Pest control company were violently rejected.
If you want to risk your health and wellbeing then this building is for you, otherwise do not touch it with a 10 feet pole.
If you are fighting with CAP REIT over the exact same problem I can only wish you luck and patience. [email protected]

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November 9, 2009

990 Broughton Street

I have been a resident for approximately 3 years at ocean Park Place. We did indeed have to go through treatments for a number of weeks during the infested months. Although it was kind of frustrating, I thought that the management did everything they could. I have a friend that lives in a bedbug infested building and the management won't even provide or pay for the treatments. In the end Ocean Park is one of the few pest free complexes here in the


I plan to stay here for at least a few more years. I also think the new managers that they hired are great.

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Word to the wise... Do not rent from this company, they are terribly mismanaged. The only things management seem diligent about are collecting rent and handing out rent increases. Also why is it that all the helpful employees seem to leave?????

I read all postings and understand frustation of all tenants. The reason why the bedbugs is not controlled in only one treatment, because, of pest control company is not a competent, fully educated/trained about bedbugs.All tenants are great who gave them permission to spray more than 10 times in 11 month. After sprayig a suite for 10 times it means they drench your suite with pesticides, in my opnion such a high use of chemical exposure is dangerous for you health.
Bedbug eradic

ation is not "just chemical use it's all about intelligent control". If anyone dealing with bedbugs if do not have education of Entomology he/she can not eradicate in successful manner with very minimum use of pesticides.A very few people in the pest control industry are qualified and have degree in Entomology.
The most company technician(95%) have no background of pest control formal education. The most company requirement to hire a pest control technician is : No experince, no certification/licence, No degree in pest control. Looking only grade 10 or 12 pass people from any background. The company train them in 2 wks than they are there own to drench pesticides a million dollar worth your houses.
To verify this any time log on to Job bank Canada website than use key word as Pest control.

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this is for the comment from Westvan. Mister Angry has every right to be angry and I've seen suites that have bed bugs so don't try to blame the tenant. I have also been to the meetings in the building and anyone can tell that the people who run the building and the pest controller are all trying to blame the tenants so they don't have to take resonsibility.

After reading some of these comments were they say "after 2 treatments we are bug free" sounds like management doing damage control. As far as I know our building still has bugs and I've talked to people on the 11th that are about to have their 11th spraying in the last year.
That doesn't sound like the problem has been taken care of.
Also CBC came into the building and did an interview and that will be air in the next week or two.
If you rent at 990 Broughton make sure you have a writte

n guarrentee that you don't have bed bugs in your suite or in any ajoining suite

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My suite luckily never got them but from what I understand from talking to tenants and going to the building meetings is that the problem has been greatly reduced and isolated.
I have found the managers to be genuinely concerned and helpful. Far from perfect but certainly better than most building managers I have dealt with in the past! They even came in my suite for me to remove outlet covers and the new guy working there helped me move a heavy desk.
I have also found that the pest control

company is professional and helpful as well. I called them with some questions and they were more than happy to answer them.
I would be very upset as well if my suite had bugs after numerous treatments but maybe Mr. Angry is actually part of the problem..

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We got two treatements and don't have any bugs. I talked to neighbors the ones that we know dont have issues. A few people moved out that could be the problem.

There is one suite that is trying to get everyeone to sue the building manager but we think he is crazy.

Update for Feb 25: The mayhem, confusion, nightmare continues at 990 Broughton...

The pest control company and the management of this building are completely at odds on their prep rules for bed bug spraying, changing their minds arbitrarily about prep procedure. I've been asking them to kick the usless pest control company since they first treated us, (last April 2008) and they still haven't done it. We've never experienced such bad service, and incompetent employees as this local company, as

well as current onsite managment. One day you're fine, the next day you're not, depending on their mood. Even though I've been home every single time when this idiot arrives, where he has every opportunity to say "This isn't ready. You need to do this, or I can't spray, because you're not prepped properly. Therefore, I'm wasting my time and yours", he says absolutely nothing for almost a year, continues to force me out of the apt for the whole day, over ten repeats, and now he tells the management company, behind our back, "They were never prepped properly." Of course, you protect your own ass as it becomes obvious that 12 sprays is beginning to show complete ineptitude on the part of the pest control company itself and the management. Any reputable pest company will tell you that any spray treatment that goes over five times requires more measures to be taken, such as filling in the cracks/crevices, removing carpets, sealing baseboards, etc, which they never bothered to do. So blame the tenant while collecing your pay check! We're the longest suffering tenants in this building, and the most cooperative, but we refuse to let this company enter the premises again. Once Cap Reit hires a competent company, we will let them in again if further treatment is needed. It's unfortunate that we were overly patient with this company for the last year, but sometimes you learn lessons the hard way.

The best part is that I have signed notices (that finally started coming in late Nov after the near mutiny that occured by the tenants in the building after accumulating problems/bed bugs/and no on site managment) from the managment saying 'Thanks for prepping on all these dates'. So on one hand they thank us for being prepped, and on the other, they say we're not prepped. ??? Hey, it's early. Still time to change your mind a few more times.

It's like George Bush is running the building. You talk to someone in managment (Ontario!) and they actually say, "I haven't seen those letters." And then they ask, "Where did you get those?" Uh, from your company. From your boss/associates. Unbelievable.

This pest spray company 'Dumb wrong' will enter your apt, spray it, put you through hell for a year, and then at the end, tell you you were never prepped from day one, even though you have signed documents saying you were. Is this the kind of company you want in your home? Is this service? Is this communication? The guy who runs the company (whom on first impression I thought was a depressed minimum wage employee with no social skills) actually hung up the phone on me when I asked simple questions about what they where spraying, how they were spraying, and why his story didn't mesh with his wife's, who handles the phones. It's a couple run operation that can't even get their stories straight amongnst themselves. The wife will tell me on the phone over a dozen extended phone conversations, "You guys are great, and one of the few who have fully cooperated in this building. You're not the problem but so and so is. I get death threats from others. Thanks for being so reasonable and easy to talk to." Now they don't even return my calls. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

Get this: last week, we got a note saying we would be credited $100 for expenses for our last two sprays. Ooo, so exciting! A year after they started treatments and completely disrupted our lives with their incompetent spraying schedule and lack of proper tenant education, we get a candy! That works out to $8.33 for each day I had to vacate the apt and spend over $100 in expenses for that day alone, not to mention 10 days of lost work time, the continuous stress, loss of living space, 40 hours of labor prepping, and too many other incidents to mention. Oh yes, the gym equipment snapped and almost took my face off, because they could not bother to safety check it for 5 years, in spite of me telling them the equipment needed replacement for two years! The outer building and balconies are all covered in moss and grime, never cleaned in the 4 years we live here, making this building the biggest eye sore in the west end. They just don't care. When another company owned this building years ago, they actually had plants hanging in the front court yard and took some pride in the appearance of the buidling. All of that is gone.

This recent note from management went on to thank us for prepping for Feb 25 and Mar 11. How can you give a credit for sprays or prep checks that never happened yet? That is an exmaple of the unbelievable ineptitude of this management/pest team. On Feb 25, the on site manager comes into the apt and tells me that we are not prepped for the spray. Yet, the conditions are EXACTLY as they were the last time he came in for a prep check two weeks ago, and exactly the same as the previous ten times they came in! Confused? You bet he is. We had a decent onsite manager for a couple weeks, and she was replaced with this dud. Already, he's causing dissension among other tenants in this buidling. Another indication of how Cap Reit hasn't got a clue how to run a building or hire competent people. We've gone through six managers in 4 years in this building, and they steadly got worse. What is this job? $8 an hour? No wonder you can't find good help.

We feel violated. The pest control company and the on site management of this building, (which was barely even here last year) continue to amaze with their latest display of idiocy, and it's time to end. I recommend any of you going through this nightmare (bed bugs/bad management) to avoid just moving out and running away. You need to take these people to task for what they do to you and your life. Lawsuits and publicity are all they understand, and it's on the way.

The bed bug problem in Vancouver is getting out of hand, and only getting worse. It's clear that the city and corporate apt owners like Cap Reit have no clue how to deal with this problem effectively, as evidenced by us still being treated for bugs since April 2008. Tenant education is priority, 10 day spaced treatments are priority, fool proof checking methods for prep procedure (Yes, you're prepped, or NO, you're not, and we can't treat) need to be in place FROM DAY ONE, and this company still can't get it right A YEAR LATER!

I've lived in the West End for over 30 years and never experienced a nightmare like this from any building or management. If Vancouver wants to call itself a respectable city or a 'livable' city, the dullards need to be removed from their jobs and sent back to day care until they learn how to run a building or provide a service for the customers who pay high rent. I also found out this pest control company has been kicked out of various building near our building for crappy service. What a surprise! I asked Cap Reit last year to bring in a new company because they were useless. From the first time the pest control company came here, we had a bad feeling about them, but we gave them a chance for a whole year, and what did we get? Stabbed in the back. Did Cap Reit listen? Of course not. They probably saved money with this company's 'cheap bulk rates' but as they say, you get what you pay for. Cap Reit is negligent and they like to do business with the negligent. A perfect partnership. A perfect storm.

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1180 and 1160 Broughton have them.

We moved out at the end of January because of the bedbug issue.We didn't want to pack and unpack to get these treatments done. If we were packing up our whole place we might as well move.

We moved to another location in the west end but didn't see this report in time. They have bed bugs too!

The entire west end is full of them. I'm moving to yaletown.

We didn't find bedbugs in our suite, the management wanted to treat it anyway for "preventive" reasons, we refused.

We will move if they treat our suite.

We have had a final treatment yesterday. It was noted that one tenant refusing treatments may have had bedbugs. The management also took a stand and evicted a couple of tenants who were not participating.

We are bedbug free after two treatments as well as our neighbour beside us and below us.

I know there are still some other tenants who may have issues but I think because we really prepared well that ours are gone.

Thank goodness!

We have been sprayed for bed bugs TEN TIMES in the last ten months.

Do not believe any reports that state this building is now bed bug free. Cap Reit (management) was negligent in its methods of treatments dating back to March of 2008, taking way too long between treatments for them to be effective, and bugs spread throughout the building. They did not take this seriously, took way too long to get organized, AND THAYS WHY WE STILL HAVE A BED BUG PROBLEM IN FEB 2009.

Also, in almost a fu

ll year of treatments, the tenants remained mostly ignorant of proper prep procedures, and this is also another reason we still have bugs. As much as we properly prep, we can't solve the problem if neighbours are not cooperating.

We have been extremely patient, prepping for treatment TEN TIMES at a cost of many hours of our own labor, being forced to vacate the apartment for many hours during each treatment (causing me loss of work income), and enduring a constant level of physical and psychological trauma/stress over the last ten months from bug bites, which has negatively affected our personal/work/ and social lives. As a bonus, we get extra stress from Cap Reit management itself, that deemed it appropriate to send us 'threatening' notices of eviction if we didn't prep, even though we had been prepping properly since the first treatment. Good job, Cap Reit! Way to make your paying customers feel at home!

We just found more bugs crawling on our carpet barely five days after the last spray. The spraying is OBVIOUSLY not effective. No pest control company in existence will support a treatment that goes five times, let alone TEN.

Even if you do get treated, good luck dealing with uncooperative neighbours who either don't care that they have bugs, or don't want to be bothered to prep.

This ordeal has been, and continues to be a daily nightmare for us. 'Welcome home' indeed!

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Feb 10, 2009. After the last treatment the pest control company did not find any live bedbugs. Seems like the problem has been solved.

Management sprayed floors 11, 12 and 10 as necessary.

They are actively addressing the problem at this point.

Depends on the floor. Check back in a month.

Bed Bugs are all through this building. Managment has taken along time to address this issue. The company that manages this building also does 77 Huntley St in Toronto( which was on the front page of the TO Sun Nov.16 2008.)


Again! More bed bugs!!
This year we have had so many notices about bed bugs!
Finally management claims they found the source!
Hopefully things will get cleaned up

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