975 Chilco St
Vancouver, BC V6G
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Apr 1/2009 I lived there for 8 months. After giving my notice at my old place (it was being renovated) I signed a year lease and having given Ist and lasts month rent to the new manager, I found out, through other people, that this building had a bed bug problem. I called the residential tenancy office but they just stated it wasn't a health hazard so it was not important. I couldn't believe it. I talked to everyone on my floor - the basement, and no one said they had them. I later found ou

t they were on the fourth floor from a person living with them. As well they are on the 2nd floor. This is an old building with exposed plumbing and wireing and these bugs can travel. I spent a huge amount of money on a bed frame, mattress cover, etc. I also sprayed when I moved in and then a few weeks later. I had no problem until about Nov. 2010. Initially I put sticky tape on the bed legs and checked them from time to time. In Nov. I decided to move and as I was taking the bed apart I found one stuck on the tape. As well I know of a dog walker who picked one up by sitting on the steps in this building. Even if your floor dosn't have them, you will get them eventually in this kind of building. The management rented to me without checking anything either and I should have suspected something but I was so happy to have found an apartment for me and my dogs I didn't give it a second thought.

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Beautiful building.
The landloard rented this unit to us asap, no questions asked (which we should\'ve recognized as fishy in the first place)
We agreed to rent an apartment in this building and spent over $500 and coutless hours getting the unit ready for moving in.

Our last night before the big move we discovered a bed bug crawling on a bedspread we had brought in THAT DAY. We looked on this website and talked to other tenants and they made it very clear that the management in this buildi

ng was aware of this problem, prior to our rent agreement and was making no solid effort to fix it.
In the midst of our confronting management about the problem, they made it known that they were aware of the bed bugs and thought it wasn\'t a big deal. They also gave out our confidential phone numbers to other tenants who the believed brought the bed bugs to the building. I was shocked and absolutely stunnned at their inability to deal with this situation professionally.

We left the building (worrying about our belongings becoming infested) and are now fighting to get our large security deposit back.

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We recently responded to an ad to move into this building. The manager did not take any references or information from us and immediately agreed to rent us the suite within minutes of our viewing it. The suite and building were both beautiful and we were very excited to move in, before stumbling upon this website the next day. When confronted about it, management stated they were "very surprised we found this information", and tried unconvincingly to assure us everything was already taken car

e of.
I hope the information here is accurate, because we ended up canceling the rent agreement and deciding to take a different place. It was not worth the worry and the potential to have our belongings damaged, and the sleepless nights that come with a bedbug problem. We found that the building manager didn't seem particularly concerned, and the fact that the situation wasn't even mentioned to us before hand made us feel very uncomfortable.

Good luck to everyone living in the building, I hope the issue is resolved and the bedbugs are under control before causing too many other problems in your homes.

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Bed bugs throughout over building. Many tenants have left. Management is refusing to pay for treatment and trying to rent vacant suites without mentioning the problem.

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