852 Nicola St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Recently discovered bedbugs in my apartment on the third floor. Found them relatively early (had not been bitten-larval stage) and reported it to the Managers. I had caught a few and showed them to the Managers, and they arranged for pest control to come and fumigate 3 days later. They have scheduled a second treatment and hopefully that will take care of the problem but I have heard many stories of how resilient they are. So far, the landlord has assumed cost of the fumigation, however, he

will not agree to have the neighbouring suites inspected and I am worried that they have migrated to an adjacent suite. I will just have to keep monitoring the situation and see if they return.

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Was told never before had there been a problem (nor currently) in the building while going through this nightmare only to have the owner slip up and say that once before on the 2nd floor there was a problem. Now I read that during the same period in which I was there (2008,1 year, 3 treatments) someone else with the same problem... Managment LIED plain and simple. No wonder the problem is spreading so bad.. What a shame.

Definitely has bedbugs. No mention when moving in and they were in the apt from the first night.

There was an incident in this building at the end of the summer. The landlord was difficult and denied that the situation existed in his building. The extermination costs came out of the tenant's damage deposit.

No nearby bug reports