2040 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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It is funny how people who have had bedbugs seem to blame the property management company for a problem that likely came in on their pant leg or some lovely piece of furniture they decided to take from the laneway.

How does one innocently track bed bugs? do you wash your sheets and vacum your bed when you do? That is how i was taught to clean. If you had done that, then you likely would have seen that there was a problem.

If it is an infestation, then it is likely you have had them for

a long time and just not washed your bed linens.

they can come in on friends bags, pants, etc. The property management company will gladly treat and pay for any problem brought forward.

Getting residents to comply with the instructions of preparation and proper washing to ensure they are gone is near impossible.

So before you go blaming the company that owns your building, try proper communication with your resident manager and it is likely that it will be addressed in very short order.

However, you should recognize that you are a big part of why they exist in the building and your suite in the first place.

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saw numerous bed bugs in a friend's apartment. no doubt other suites are similar as they spread throughout the building. part of the problem in this building is the old nasty carpets that need to be replaced. god knows what is living underneath them.

March 21/10

Dogwood Apartments/Holyburn Properties:
Discovered bed bugs all over the place in my bedroom. Absolutely horrifying. Have to throw out my bed and other bedroom contents and great expense. Have to find a company whom will take the bed away. Probably have to through my couch out too since I've innocently tracked the bugs all over my apartment. Notified my neighbors but was asked not to do that by the Resident Manager as they don't want a panic of people moving out. Geese tha

t's nice, "how about taking care of the problem instead of giving me grief about it".

This building has had infestations for the past 12 monthes now and the pest control results in the bug migrating to other suites. Moving will just result in infesting other apartments unless you move with nothing.

There needs to be more legislation to protect tenants and help them recover costs of loss of property as Home Insurance won't pay for it.

Looking at approx. $5000.00 loss with replacing bed/couch/clothing/loss of pay/purchasing my own pesticides and equipment.

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