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I've lived at Laguna Vista for a year and half. Earlier this year, management informed me that my neighbour had bed bugs, and we made arrangements for someone to inspect my suite. Thankfully, there were no bugs on my side of the wall I share with the neighbour.

I thought the situation was handled efficiently and professionally. My neighbour's suite was treated for the bugs and, to my knowledge, nothing else needed to be done to eliminate them.

I still inspect my bed regularly (my bedroom

wall is shared with the suite that had the bed bugs). I also leave cobwebs in the corners of the wall and floor, and near the hot water pipes. I'm happy to tolerate a few friendly spiders here and there. They are great bug sentinels! The inspector told me that leaving the web can help in reducing migration to my suite, should any bedbug try to move in.

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I am aware of at least 6 cases of bedbug infestations in 2020 haro in the last 18 months or so. Management has treated each case as the bedbugs were discovered/reported, although some took more than one treatment. If you have anything remotely looking like any kind of infestation or bug evidence and any type of these should not be in your suite (there are silverfish in this building too although I have only seen a three or four in my suite over a long period of time and I killed them each time I

found one) report it immediately to management. Then management should be inspecting and treating each adjoinging suite to the infested bedbug suite asap also. I we as a tenant community all take precautions (check around your mattress and bedframe regularly every couple of weeks, etc) then we can keep a lid of these nasty suckers. If you get a bedbug infestation it will cost you at least $3000.00 in cleaning and repair costs not to mention lost sleep, stress, wages, fears, etc...this is not meant to scare anyone, but they are very serious, and yes, some people who are bit can get breathing restrictions and it can be dangerous to people with athsma, etc. Just google "Health Hazards of Bedbugs" to see if they are harmless. Health Canada dumped the issue on local municiapl governments (such aas City of Vancouver)as they didn't want to deal with it in their budgets as it is becoming an epidemic (our City Hall is overwhelmed and that is why they are not responding in a stronger fashion to reports at the moment - they are however triaing many staff to create a "Bedbug Division in 2011"), not because they are "not harmful" as one of my esteemed bloggers recently mentioned.

See link: http://www.bed-bug.org/bed-bugs-health-risks/ and read about "anaphylactic shock". Some people can die from these bites if they are allergic to bee sting type bites.

As long as we as a tenant community stay educated, clean our suites, be proactive, and communicate quickly, that is the best we can ever hope for living in the West End. And yes, even a guest can bring in a bedbug "egg" on his jacket from a Scotia Movie theatre seat, or a five-star hotel. They are everywhere now. Just live with it.

Just be a responsible tenant, then let it go and live your life in our fine location : )

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I live at Laguna Vista and started seeing bites and blood on my sheets. I reported this to management and they are treating my unit this week. I was informed by another tenant that they were asked by management to be inspected recently and there were non found in their suite. management informed me that they are treating another suite as well at this time.

Dear "Scars to prove it"

Really? You have bedbugs? My partner and I just moved in to this building recently and upon reading this became very concerned. We made some inquiries and found out that there is no one in this building who has reported any bedbug activity. Your comment about the owners/managers dealing with this “in a realistic way” seems to be rather pointless if you haven’t even reported this to them. Not only that, but the suites in your general vicinity need to

be made aware as well…what have you done about that?
It occurs to us that you may be someone who simply enjoys causing havoc for your own perverse enjoyment…much like the idiots who create computer viruses. Perhaps you have an axe to grind with the owners/managers…come to think of it, there’s no real proof you even live in this building. Your comment about the “dubious cleanliness” of tenants who have recently moved in to this building is interesting given you’re the one who allegedly has bedbugs. The only thing dubious about your post is your own credibility. If you do have bedbugs then you should be responsible and report it so necessary measures can be taken…if not, perhaps you can find another outlet for your need to screw with people behind the cloak of anonymity this site affords...which appears to be the case given you haven't reported your "infestation".

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Not "had" but "has" -- this is an infestation. I'm covered in bites, the bedding I threw out was flecked with (shudder) bedbug poop, and I found one of the suckers on the mattress before sealing it in two zippered covers.
We've seen an influx of tenants lately, some of a pretty dubious looking nature cleanliness wise, plus there are always people on short-term stays from around the world and the laundry room is a disgusting antiques roadshow. Then there was the guy who spent 20 years paying his

rent by salvaging things from the back alley and bringing them home to sell.
I hope the owners and managers can accept that they have to start dealing with this in a rational way. I'd move, but have you seen the list of places similarly affected? There's no escape!

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You got me - this was probably not the best example of what I was trying to convey - which has infinitely less to do with the degree of contagiousness of various ailments but rather more to do with stigma attached to certain ailments and circumstances, and how people who contracted bedbugs would feel if a wanted poster was posted informing everyone. This could only signal the fact that owners and managers have finally caved to the hysteria and hostility that pervades this blog - it would be a ve

ry sad day indeed.
My messages were intended to be a positive influence on this site which has become nothing more than a hysteria breeding, hostile and negative environment. Curious how all that positive stuff slipped by your notice and you felt that my unfortunate gaffe was the only thing worth commenting on.
I promise not to burden anyone any longer with my futile attempts at positive messages meant to convey that we all can consider ourselves thankful. We are not in the same predicament as many other folks in many other buildings who struggle with bedbug issues - and I have no intention of filling your hostile sails with my wasted breath any longer - I'm outta here - coming back to read the inevitable responses bashing what I'm saying here would be a waste of my time.


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Dear "common Sense Rules"
In regards to your comment "What about someone who has HIV or aids or some other contagious disease...should we expect a notice to be put up informing us of these things? All of those situations could potentially be much more harmful to us as tenants than bedbugs"

Are you for real? Grab a brain and educate yourself. What are you going to "catch" hiv from the elevator button?

Jesus H!

I agree…if someone next door to my suite had bedbugs I certainly had better be informed. All I was trying to say is that there is a difference between "have" bedbugs and "had" bedbugs….and I've been assured that while there are suites that "were" affected, there are no suites at present that "are" affected. I've read many of the unfortunate stories on this site from tenants in other buildings and like I said, I'm happy to be living in a building where these pests have apparently been

dealt with successfully…unless the managers are lying to me, which I have no reason to believe at the moment.
And my comments were not directed at you, but rather a general response to everything I've read on this page…I feel if we as tenants have a respectful exchange of thoughts and ideas we can all benefit…some of the comments on this page are quite shocking in their viciousness. I know I wasn't trying to be aggressive…I'm sorry you took it that way. And why is it that if someone puts a comment on this page that isn't bashing and accusing owners and management of gross misdeeds they are immediately deemed to be working for the building? I've been quite happy here for many years, have seen managers come and go, and although I've had a complaint or two and have heard minor complaints from others I get the impression that all in all most others are as satisfied to be here as I am.

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Dear "Common Sense Rules"

I agree with you that tenants are the culprits by bringing in pests of all kinds, including bed bugs however, I do not feel that having bed bugs is something to be ashamed of... it happens, even to the best of people!

I would like to know though if my next door neighbour is experiencing a problem so that I can take the necessary precautions. I would feel the same way if that neighbour had cockroaches, or H1N1 and unless I was about to have sex with him or her if

they had HIV aids would be irrelevant to me.

Furthermore, I do find your response to be not only long and unnecessarily drawn out but also a tad aggressive. Do you work for the building?

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I live in this complex as well, and obviously bedbugs are a concern, but I don't need to know what suites have had bedbugs...I just need to know that management is proactively dealing with the issue. I agree with the person who commented that bedbugs are brought in by tenants, and there is no point in accusing owners and managers as though they are responsible...it's the people who are living in our building who are responsible and it's up to the owners and management to take the necessary steps

to eradicate the problem. From what I've been told by the managers, there have been suites that have been infested by bedbugs, but those suites were treated and no longer have them, so as far as I'm concerned it's a classic case of problem reported and problem solved.

I must admit I was a little surprised at first that I wasn't told sooner about the bedbugs in this building, but when you think about it, is it really our right to be told what suites have bedbugs? If there were someone living in the building who contracted H1N1 would we have the right to know that? What about someone who has HIV or aids or some other contagious disease...should we expect a notice to be put up informing us of these things? All of those situations could potentially be much more harmful to us as tenants than bedbugs, but obviously there is a privacy issue...if you had found bedbugs in your suite would you like this to become the topic of conversation on everyone's lips? Personally, I find it reassuring to know that while tenants have and will continue to bring these pests in to our building, the fact that all of these infestations have been eradicated has to speak very loudly to the fact that the owners and management have acted promptly and properly in dealing with this issue. This is one of the reasons why I feel good about living in this building.

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I live in this complex and am very concerned. What suites are affected??

Dear "Anonymously Concerned"

I have never heard of a whole building being "gased" (as you put it) because of bed bugs. Also, the reason why there is never anything done about bed bugs is because the health department does not consider them anything more than mere pests. Unlike rats, they do not carry diseases; therefore, the health department washes there hands of this issue. This is not to say that I agree with this--it's just a plain fact.

Unfortunately, as renters, we are at the mercy

of landlords and owners of buildings who do not like to spend one extra nickel on anything.
Don't get me wrong; I am not siding with them, but I can kind of see there point after awhile as in why bother trying to fix this problem when the tenants keep bringing it in.

I do understand your frustration, however, we do have to look towards ourselves as renters. Do you know how many people I know that, even given all the media attention with bed bugs, still see no problem in taking home an dresser left by a dumpster or "swapping" items left in a laundry room?--too many to be blunt.

tenants need to educate themselves on how these bed bugs are spread and take more ownership of the situation. No, it does not all fall on the shoulders of tenants, but we cannot just expect management to constantly fix the problem that we partly create.

also, ever take a look from your balcony down to other suites in the west end?
I am constantly horrified by what I see--suites that are absolute disasters filled with junk, trash and too much paper--these are our neighbours!!!

Even though we have our own doors, apartment living is still a form of communal living in that we are only as clean as everybody else.

This is why, unless they quickly come up with some other miracle DDT-like poison, this situation will never get better. There are just to many people constantly coming and going in apartments.

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Dear dear "Me Again",

The reason the health authorities were not called in was that they could invariably shut down the entire building, causing untold financial damage and hardship to all the tenants living peacefully and their lives would be turned upside down, and there are alot of elderly tenants in 2020 Haro Laguna Vista. There have been cases where the health authority has ordered a "GAS" of an entire building to kill bedbugs, where they literally blanket the building in a huge cover ma

terial and then all life forms in the building are killed - they warn tenants not to leave any pets inside for they would be killed. This is a highly toxic and damaging procedure for all involved. Sounds like fun eh?

So that is why. Others care alot more about YOUR well being than you care about theirs. You continue to spew off such nonsense - and if (God forbid) one day you get the bedbugs in your suite, I will wait for your apology for such tripe you spew.

The effected and adjoining suites were all hoping that the self professed strong "Christian" Radke Brothers would see to it being good followers of Jesus, to spend the tiny bit of money requred and have all the bedbug infested suites and the adjoining suites properly treated, and to this day, they have not done that. The truth is they are the worst example of "good Christian Values" we have ever seen. There are countless cases in the bulding from tenants where they have been "Screwed" by the Radke's financially - in fact its almost everyone - except you of course ; )

Best wishes, as mentioned we pray your 2020 Haro suite does not get infected, as you will then be suffering the increadible stress and misery and financial costs others have without any compensation they are entitled to. Perhaps you will then stop cheering for your cherished Radke Bros. and see they are the reason for the suffering in 2020 Haro - their total lack of investment in the building's upkeep - and it is they who should perhaps move on to another business and sell the building to some of the other buyers that have been making bids to buy 2020 Haro from them.

Signed, Concerned.

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I hope you feel better getting all that out of your system. Through all the name calling and personal attacks (which say a lot more about you than me) I did realize one thing. You were right when you said my comment “if you are stressed, move” (and please note I did not say “if you are stressed about mismanagement” – there is a difference) sounded heartless and for that I apologize. That is not the kind of person I am, despite what your comments indicate you believ

e about me.
Other than that I stand by my words; my experience living at Laguna Vista (and yes I live here, I am not management or an owner) is far different from what you describe and I have the right to express that.
If you feel you must respond to this please know that I have no intention of returning to this site to read it. I am done with the negativity and nastiness.

Oh sorry one more thing regarding your comment
“Do you realize if we asked the Vancouver City Hall Health Inspectors to come and check this building and the laundry room machines they could effectively shut the place down and ORDER a full pest control spray…”

So why haven’t you called them?

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Dear "Another Viewpoint". You definately sound like "Building Management or more likely the Owners" or some other ignoramous and we would be highly suprised if you were not one of the three?

Your comments: "Just deal with it" and "leave if you are stressed and being mistreated by management" are the most ignorant, heartless and facist attitudes we have ever heard someone say and you obviously you had a heart extraction at birth...are you for real? Do you actually care about anyone but yourse


The last reply to your ridiculous comments was right regarding the so called "privacy of tenants and their potential "embarassment" as you call it of other people being known that they might be the "source" of the bedbugs. Firstly, do you think their ego is more important then our health and our livelyhoods? The last respondant is correct. It is the DUTY of the management and owners to INFORM all tenants of health issues - potential, real or not! You have no idea what yo are talking about, and perhaps it is you who should move, if in fact you feel so ridiculously out of touch with the welfare of your fellow tenant community. Secondly, you yourself say there is NO SOURCE of the bedbugs - that they come from all types of sources. So why would any sane person blame an individual. What we focus on is how does management deal with the problem AFTER they are DISCOVERED.

Do you realize this rental building is a business? Just to educate you:
The "Customer" = The "Tenant".
The "Business Owners" = The "Landlords" (in this case The Radke Brothers).

We all pay the Radkes for their services Tens of Thousands of Dollars Per Year into their Business Pockets as their customers. The business owners are supposed to ensure the customers receive "Quiet Enjoyment" (look up what that means) in return of their home, under contract (called the Tenancy Agreement) and that includes immediately providing information regarding Health Issues (such as BedBugs) occuring in their buildings. They have not done this. Do you realize if we asked the Vancouver City Hall Health Inspectors to come and check this building and the laundry room machines they could effectively shut the place down and ORDER a full pest control spray of the entire building based on the cases of this bedbug outbreak in Laguna Vista? At the very least Order the spraying of all the adjacent suites of each infestation. Do you think the Radkes have had each adjacent suite to the infestations sprayed? Give your head a shake, no perhaps a bang on th wall, before "contributing" your moronic slop to our bedbug community alert post!

You have obviously no care for anyone but yourself, and you are completely ignorant of tenant rights under contract AND the BC Health Code, let alone the health risks of bedbug bites and the potential seriousness for certain people, especially those with breathing challenges such as athesma and the elderly...DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
- well, speaking to someone as ignorant as you,
I just realized this all went in one ear and out the other...

But let us give you the opportunity you want to truly be a stand up good person and put your money where you mouth is...If you will pay the ten of thousands of dollars in cleaning costs and lost furniture that these poor tenants already have paid out personally in 2020 Haro Laguna Vista (because every tenant in this building knows the Radke Brothers won't pay a dime towards your losses unless forced to in a hearing with the Residential Tenancy Branch), and also cover the lost night sleeps and lost business opportunities due to being so tired and stressed(and you can pay this out in what they call in court "damages" to the tune of another 30 Grand, and then just the potential health costs-fantastic! We will all "leave" then as you so lovingly put it.

Otherwise shut your ignorant yap you fool.

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It is the responsibility of the management to inform people living in a building that has bedbugs ANYWHERE as there are distinct steps that all of the residents can take to work together to eradicate them and minimize the risk of their return. Management at this building has been negligent in this. The secretive attitude makes me question what other things may be withheld from us. Tenants have the right,and pay for that right, to know. It would also be smart for management to inform tenants to

ease there concerns as opposed to creating a secretive, suspicious environment.

WE should all be talking to management and insisting that they tell us what is happening and what steps are being taken to rectify the issue.

It IS stressful to know that there is such an infestation somewhere in your building and not know what is being done about it. I too worry about the laundry facilities. All it takes is one of these things to get on your laundry.

Talk to the managers and demand answers !

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I would like to respond to the two entries regarding Laguna Vista at 2020 Haro St.
I have lived there for 20 years and in that time there has been only one reported case of bedbugs, until recently of course. My apartment was involved in that earlier incident as I lived next door to the "infested" suite. All surrounding suites were inspected and fumigated as necessary.
Do the people writing these complaints know that buildings do not "produce" bedbugs? They are brought in by tenants and visito

rs so yes of course if the exterminator can find the intitial problem suite that tenant should be liable for expenses.
As for the supposed secretative attitude that is just not the case. I have heard of the latest problems and when I approached management I was told what was happening, up to a point. There is such a thing as the right to privacy and what person would want it common knowledge in the building that they are responsible for bedbugs?
I have a suggestion for those tenants who find it so stressful to live here - move. The rest of us can deal with it.

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There are several bedbug cases that now (October/November 2009) have been discovered in 2020 Haro "Laguna Vista" building and there has been at least 5 cases (infested apartments) over the last two years, maybe more, and all so called "quietly handled" without alerting the poor other unsuspecting adjacent tenants of these infested suites, and the Radke Bros.(the owners)'s in-house management are even denying the existence of these bedbugs to their own tenants unless the tenant actully has bites

and/or finds bugs in their matress, when confronted on it, then they can not deny, even then they try to pin the blame on these tenant victims. Then they are telling the tenants they will not inspect unless they are bitten first and the tenant is to bring a "sample" bug down in a jar once bitten before they will call for a pest control inspector. I have never seen or heard of anything like it.

The washing machines in the laundry room are archaic and should have been changed years ago and are not sufficiently hot enough tempuratures for proper bedbug killing, meaning, since the management are not to be trusted even when directly confronted about known bedbug existence, and they won't upgrade the lousy washing machines - it is a very stressful place to live as a result. They are, under pressure treating the suites that are infested, but not treating the adjacent suites, merely, "inspecting them", and only if they are pressured to do so by the potentially affected informed tenants.

Not having faith in your landlords and managers in regards to bedbug treatment is an awful feeling - nothing worse actually. Not fun at all.

Many tenants in this building are talking to each other now and are very annoyed at the ongoing mismanagement of this building, resulting in unnecessary and unfair costs to the tenants, but bedbug negligence is the worst as it does cost you literally thousands of dollars in laundry, cleaning, furniture and other damage, sleepless nights and most of all - your health. Beware!

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One of my friends who lives in the building informed me of having found bed bugs in his suite. Managers have been very bad dealing with the issue, trying to turn it around and blame it on him. They are also secretive about it and haven't informed the tenants of this although it appears to have happened before.

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