2010 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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2015/12/ 08.
Got bitten, thought it was a rash. Then my roommate got them too. The manager didn't take responsibility. We had to move.

Hi, I am looking at an available studio here. Since this is quite recent could you please say where in the building this incident occurred? Thanks

February 2015. On a Thursday night, before a long weekend, discovered bed bugs. Freaked out. Called landlord numerous times the next morning. No answer. Responded to email. Told me the earliest their pest control provider could arrive would be Wednesday (5 days later) and for me to buy mattress protectors and clean, clean, clean. We found a company who would fit us in a the end of their day. They did a fantastic job. Had to pay with own money as landlord wouldn't pay for an outside co

mpany. Company we used said it was good they came as there were multiple colonies and they would have increased exponentially if waited until Wednesday. Was a very traumatic experience and did not live in my place for a month. Landlord has never reimbursed us for solving what is their problem. Though not surprised as the building is a mess.

see full report...

Bedbugs on the ground floor. Neighbour says he had them as well. Seem to be moving from suite to suite.

Terrible landlords, did not want to fix the problem. Found out I was getting bites, they told me it was not their problem. Which is also an answer I got from them on some other issues. I promptly moved out.

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