1955 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6G

Found 7 reports:

bed bugs found in 602 early September.

November 16 - 801, 804 and 805 sprayed. 805 had bugs before spray. 803 and 801 preventative, but one bug found in 804 after spraying.

803 sprayed earlier in the month and in late October after one bug found.

802 not sprayed yet, nor have bugs been found.

Bed bugs have moved up to the 10th floor now and they are spraying on 11th now too.

That's funny you say false in regards to paying because neighbours have paid $400 and we were told we have to pay.

FALSE, tenants are not being charged for service!!

8th to 4th floor. Tenants being charged for spraying by property management company. September 2009

Bed Bugs.
Apartment 603

No nearby bug reports