1952 Comox St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Certified bedbug and pest free by Orkin Canada.

I have lived in this building for over 5 years, and i have never had bedbugs, and the manager and owners are great people and do really care about the building and the people that live here

no word on bedbugs..from tenants..the building is dirty and the manager is not doing anything all day..for sure not cleaning up...garbage all over in an around the building..tenants been waiting for a year to get a bike room..nothing as of now..lost visitors parking ,rooftop,bike room..this building's ad..says family owned and tenants come first>>yeh right..if it wasn't for the fact they take pets..most suites would be empty ): the manager sucks and the owner does nothing about it

This building is bed bug free. Certified by Orkin Canada

This building is certified free of bed bugs by Orkin Canada.

Any bed bugs reported by tenants are immediately treated by Orkin Canada and any neighbouring suites are inspected and if the tenant agrees are treated on a preventative basis.

bed bugs have been in 703 704 705, at least confirmed. They have now moved up to 804. Management here don't care and did nothing when bed bug infested mattresses were carried through the lobby. Further it is a very dirty building. The floors were vacuumed before X-mas last year and todate March 18/12, the floors are filthy. As is the laundry room. The machines smell and the room is never cleaned. Tops of the machines are filthy and you need to clean them before folding your clothes. Cons

truction is almost non stop and never completed. Garbage is always all over. In the front and back. They were suppossed to fix the building in two months. We are now going into the second year and it is not near to finished. Windows remain filthy. Elevators are always breaking down. People get stuck in them constantly. Dogs are constantly barking and running around off leash. Okay for the little ones but some big ones are aggressive. Animal Control is Useless!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

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2012 jan/feb.. there is current communication going on between tenants that on the 8th floor there is a bedbug infestation..management is not saying anything and would like all tenants to keep hush hush about it..the carpets were cleaned and the stairs as well..but you can't be careful unless you are aware of them..possible new tenants have to right to know as well as current residents!!..there should be a law about this.

Bedugs have been an issue. The powder does not work. When I found them in my suite, I insisted that my nieghbour's suites be inspected as well. I knocked on doors to inform people myself because management was keeping it quiet. BRUTAL.

We had a bed bug issue here last year. It was not fun at all. We haven't had any issues since, but have been very cautious. Also, the others are right, you cannot rely on management to do anything. We are now having to move because of water damage to our floors from a burst pipe. We informed them of the issue 3 months ago and only now are they doing something about it. If they had done something about it in the first place we would probably not have to move. Nonetheless, probably for the better

that we get out of here. Good riddance!

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Bedbugs have been an ongoing problem at this building. The management used to let you know aabout the bugs and handed powder out. Now they do not even tell you about them. Almost every floor has been affected, most recently the 19th floor. If you walk through the hallways of this building you will still see powder in front on the doors that people are using if they have had bedbugs or are trying to prevent bedbugs. This building is also crawling with silverfish. The pipes are old and consta

ntly causing plumbing problems as well. Also, there is black mold behind the walls and all around the pipes. The hardwood floors are also coming up in a lot of the suites. Management will not repair and try to blame it on you when you leave. The management is almost non existant- they will not fix anything and if you go to them you are treated rudely. Once you move in you are on your own. BEWARE _ think twice before moving into this building.

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this building has been fighting bed bugs since I moved in in 2006. They have not made it to my floor, but the lower 5 floors are still experiencing this problem. I still have a bottle of DE under my sink given to me by the landlord when I moved in!

This building also has a problem with bird lice and carpenter ants. Drive by and take a look at the truck in the outside parking lot full of furniture wrapped in plastic. What do you think it's doing out there? Hint: it's not suntanning.


very cautious moving in. And I mean that literally. The elevators break frequently and lots of people get stuck in them on a regular basis.

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