1900 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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I work at several apartments in the Westend. it is unfortunate, but 1 1/2 years ago 1 tenant moved in and if it wasn't several months later that we were getting reports of tenants being bit. We investigated and found several bedbugs in the suite. We proceeded to get rid of them, with help from PCO Pest Control. We then checked all other suites on the that 3rd floor, except for one. A month or two went by and still the tenants were getting bit. We did many follow ups on those affected suites. We

finally did a full inspection and found that the one suite was the source of our problem. The three of us walked in and it was like walking on rice krispies, crunch, crunch, and crunch. The one gentlemen in this suite told us that he had no bedbugs and we actually believed him. We estimated between 100-200 bedbugs that were either dead, alive and this included the eggs. He was immediately evicted within 5 days. It was found out that he had purchased a USED couch and brought them in with him. Our pest control technician, in further examination of the couch, saw residue from an earlier treatment with the same or close to the same chemical he uses. To all landlords/tenants, if you have one complaint, follow it up without delay. This one person infrcted 3/4 of the apartment building in a matter of several months. we are finally bedbug free. This one apartment was left vacant for a minimum of three months, not to mention the loss of rental income, costs of extermination and not only stress on the tenants, but the building manager as well. This registry is very helpful in screening prospective tenants as to there previous whereabouts. Even if they do not mention there current address on the application, a simple credit will find out if they are lying and a potential to not rent to them.

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Submitted by "Anonymous" on 02/28/2008

Feb 28, 2008--1990 Barclay Street-three apartments so far (106, the 206, now 306!) and management is not informing everyone in the building of the precautions they need to take. Also, the laundry room is being used by the tenant of the infected apartment!!!

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