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My unit has been infested for several months now, since the start of the summer 2015. I was consistently told that my unit was the only one affected, so I must have brought them in, but I overhead the representative from the treatment company say that he had a "couple" of units to work on.

The landlady has been semi proactive about dealing with it, but told me that everything I had already put through the hot dryer could be taken out of the sealed plastic bags, only to tell me two weeks later

that I shouldn't have been told that and I need to put everything through a hot dry again.

Mixed information provided and a long delay between treatment times.

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October 2013 - Bed bugs were found in several suites on several floors of the building. The bugs were treated successfully in our suite after several visits from pest-control, and regular visits from bug-sniffing dogs were implemented.

Management was good about dealing with the problem, although the building manager at the time passed misinformation along to several tenants, including: that bed bugs can jump (wrong - they are not fleas), and that one should put dirty clothes into the dryer t

o kill bugs prior to washing them (very wrong - for those people without common sense: your dirty underwear does not belong in the communal dryer under any circumstances! Wash your clothes in hot water and then put them in the dryer!)

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No new cases reported in last five months. Management has responded quickly to past reports with intensive pest control intervention.

As of today there are at least 12 cases of bed bug infestation and it continues to be a problem.

bedbugs continue to be a major problem after an extensive spray and kill plan implemented 9 months ago.

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