1755 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Checked into Best Western "Sands by the Sea" hotel on Sept.11th, 2008. Admitted to Vancouver Gerneral Hospital emergency with upwards of 200 bites on Sept.20th. Local doctor directed me to VGH emergency "stat" after observing the severity of my condition.

Hotel informed, but I was still charged for half my stay. Reasonable request for further one week stay to convalesce before returning to Asia was denied. No direct meeting or apology from owner/general manager, despite being acquainted for

over 15 years (frequent guest of the hotel).

Reported incident to Vancouver health authority, but after initial acknowlegement of receipt of complaint.....nothing.....

Beware this place and the insincere smiling faces that greet you at the front desk. Owner/operator is a dispicable cur.

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