1755 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Checked in on Jan 9 for 4 day stay with my daughter and granddaughter. The first night I woke up with two hive like things on my hand but thought little of it as my mother is very ill and thought it was nerves but asked my daughter to check her and her daughter. The next night I had a few of the same things on my face. Was a bit concerned but the girls didn't have any again put it down to nerves or maybe an alergy to soap as I had used the hotel soap and don't usually use it for baths/showers

. Next night I had more on my hands and around my waist still nothing on my girls so went to the laundrymat and washed all the clothes for their trip home the next day I was pretty sure that I was in a bed bug mess by then. I went down and told the desk clerk what I suspected and he offered to change my room. Everyone else was sleeping so I said to book me into another room the next night so I could get cleaned up and spend one day washing everything, so I would have a better chance of not taking them home with me. The hotel washed my clothes but offered me no money off our stay and the manager wanted to charge me a higher rate for the next night(a week night) the big offer was free parking for that night. I didn't want to take them to yet another hotel so had little choice.
I have owned five businesses in my life and that is not the way I would of handled it.
I had come straight from my home to the hotel so I am quite aware that I did not bring the little buggers with me.
I seem to be allergic and the bites are dime size.
The hotel informed me they had called the exterminator's and that only one bug was found.
That made me realize I had to file this report as I have over 30 bites.

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Checked into Best Western "Sands by the Sea" hotel on Sept.11th, 2008. Admitted to Vancouver Gerneral Hospital emergency with upwards of 200 bites on Sept.20th. Local doctor directed me to VGH emergency "stat" after observing the severity of my condition.

Hotel informed, but I was still charged for half my stay. Reasonable request for further one week stay to convalesce before returning to Asia was denied. No direct meeting or apology from owner/general manager, despite being acquainted for

over 15 years (frequent guest of the hotel).

Reported incident to Vancouver health authority, but after initial acknowlegement of receipt of complaint.....nothing.....

Beware this place and the insincere smiling faces that greet you at the front desk. Owner/operator is a dispicable cur.

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