1750 Davie St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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This building has bed bugs and mice. There are lots of bed bug drops in closets and stay away from this building.

Lucy is a great manager and as a resident of 1 year I have had no problems with bed bugs, mice, silverfish or even spiders.

I lived on the 7th floor of this building for one year. I can GUARANTEE that there were bedbugs in this building. The day we moved in I found them and reported them to Lucy, the building manager. She was pretty pissed off at my claim but she had pest control come by a couple days later. They made 2 visits to my apartment a few weeks apart and I am happy to say that it did fix the problem in OUR suite but I cannot speak for the others. The pest control tech told me that she is in the building res

ponding to bed bug calls quite often. I saw the same pest control tech on site a couple more times during my residency. Very dishonest of Lucy to lie/deny what is happening there, but then again, she never struck me as a very quality person.

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I've spoken to Lucy, the manager at 1750 Davie and she's quite upset about false reports of bedbugs at this location. If there are any of those pests in the building they have not been reported to her as she would take immediate remedial action.

The recent post for 1750 Davie is false and malicious. There are no bedbugs at that location - please remove the comment and readers, please disregard. These anonymous and false posts aren't worthy of your website.

I have lived in this building for 5 years. there are bedbugs and mice droppings behind the couch, bookcase, stove, and tv. Silverfish crawl out of the drain. Nobody seems to care. Lucy says i'm the only one with this problem and everyone else seems not to have this issue. I am concerned about making dust in the apartment due to the mice faces. what a horrible, overpriced place.

Lucy, the manager is extremely dishonest. She tells lies all the time whenever there are issues of bedbugs or mice. She says "I don't know. No one has reported this problem. Only you have this problem!" What a big fat liar!!!

Go and visit her unit on the 2nd floor and you will figure. She taped all around her doors due to mice problems.

I used to live on the 12th floor and suffered from bedbugs. I am quite surprised that bedbugs are still there. Perhaps the entire building should be recon

structed. Otherwise, I think Hollyburn owns the pest control company to make the money flow continues.

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There are definitely bugs here. Found some in my bed and continued to encounter them until I moved out. Save youself the time and go live in a clean place somewhere else.

I use to live in this building. It has obviously gotten worse. Yes there are mice and bed bugs. I have photos of crushed mouse on my livingroom floor and ample amounts of feces behind the stove. I saw my ex neighbour in a store. He told me when he came home after a visit to his country there were droppings on his bed. When I left for a trip I found 4 or five dead mice on sticky traps (please never use them. There is nothing as horrific as a mouse breaking it's arm screaming)

I wanted to say t

hat I regularly visited the Tim hortons downstairs. A staff member confided in me that the store is infested with mice.
Lucy and her husband are nice people but they work for hollyburn and do what they are told. I lived in this building for 3 years back when Brian & crystal managed it. I moved into their apartment and noticed these long thin bugs in the bathroom. I thought they were silverfish after doing a search on the net.

If you want the mouse photos and video I took I think you can leave your email with this site and I will send them to you.

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This is a horrible building to live in! I have learned to watch my belongings in the elevator and in the laundry room out of paranoia! Last November I was in the laundry room when someone from the second floor came in and told me that they had bed bugs and the only way to kill them was by extreme heat so the guy proceeded to put his bed bug infested belongings in the dryer (and let me tell you, the resident manager does not care about the well being of this building so needless to say the washer

s and dryers are not cleaned too often) this was enough to persuade my partner and I to start doing our laundry elsewhere.

About a month ago the fire alarm went off, all of the tenants ended up in the lobby and could not figure out why they had to stay down there, the manager was no where to be found... oh wait, 10 minutes later her and her husband show up with their Hollyburn shirts on (no one in the building has ever, ever seen these uniforms) ready to take action. The fire marshall proceeded to tell the tenants that the alarm went off due to a heating issue on the 12th floor; heating you say, in August? Why yes, it turns out that they were treating a unit for bed bugs on the 12th floor and something went wrong which led to the fire alarm to go off.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I live on the 3rd floor and had mice problems all winter. Every time that we approached the resident manager about this issue she would look at us and reply "I don't know why, no one else seems to have this problem..." Seriously? this apartment is right above Tim Hortons, the rodents are attracted to the heat. In April we called pest control for the last time, the guy FINALLY found the third main source where the mice were coming from... this was under our dishwasher. I was talking to my old neighbour before they moved out and they said that they had mice problems all winter as well and the resident manager denied the problem to them also.

This is a horrible building to live in, everything is old and in need of repair, the rent is extremely expensive, and the windows are paper thin (seriously, you can hear people having a conversation while waiting at the bus stop below), if you wanted to do yourself a favour you would stay away from this building.

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There are LOTS of them in this building.
But you know what? The management (Hollyburn, the notorious greedy company) just wants to spend as little money as possible about this important subject.

First they usually deny the existence of bedbugs, which reinforces the spread of bedbugs. (STUPID!)

Then, they hire untrained strange person, who doesn't do a good job. Most of bedbugs cannot be found with bare eyes, because they are so tiny with transparent colour. Only adults have black colour

. SO, this strange person just looks at bed here and there and claim there is no evidence. Although later on, we found bedbugs. Are they stupid?

After that, they come once a week and we waste lots of time, money and energy to pack and to wash clothes. One time, the guy even didn't do his job, only pretended he did. Becuase, he thought he did enough work and we were just telling him a lie. So, because of his incompetency, I suffered a lot.

Then, you know as another person wrote here, we found rats! Disgusting!!!

This apartment doesn't provide good enterance door and there is space under doors so that mice can freely travel from suit to suit.

Yeah...after all, it's hollyburn. There are always reasons why they get such negative response from the public.

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This company, hollyburn hires a strange pestol company, which doesn't do a decent job. I think the hollyburn just wants so save money, by hiring such a lousy one and doing bad work on the hardwood floor. And the manager lies all the time about the size of units and bedbug problems.
They charge the rental fee randomly as well. Do not move into this hollyburn. They are extremely greedy!!!

This was in June of 2010. I killed two bedbugs. One ran across my kitchen counter. I had no idea what it was. The next must have been pregnant because it moved slow enough across my bedroom floor for me to kill it. Thank God!

I have not seen any bugs like that since but the 7th floor is infested from what other residents tell me. The tenants just keep moving to other apartments.

Forget about the bedbed bugs, they also have a rodent problem. This I know after having to kill 10+ mice in her

e. The rent is very high and if I could move I would in a heartbeat. Dont move in here.

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The management is not helpful at all here. No one should move into this Hollyburn building for that matter.

Submitted by "Anonymous" on 10/11/2010 -> This person seems like the apartment management!

Hi Angry, I am a reporter looking at the growing Bedbug problem in Vancouver. I am interested in your story and would like to hear more. Please contact me at my e-mail [email protected]

I've been with this bloody bed bug problem for 5months so far. It's destructive to learn that I STILL have them. I wonder if the pest control is really effective.

After noticing the bites on my body, I eventually found a small nest of bedbugs hiding between my box spring & frame. The building immediately called the pest control people and paid for all the apartment pesticide expenses. It was handled very professionally. The pest control people came once a week for a few weeks and after that the problem was gone.

Definately there are bed bugs in this building. I felt itchness and found strange bites one day right after my moving.

I reported this to the apartment manager early June and she brought an inspector. The inspector, however,claimed no evidence at that time.

In mid August, I found one bedbug which resulted in an immediate treatment. (I found only one bed bug, but I've had lots of bites already.) I will have the 2nd treatment next week or so.

I am afraid if bed bugs will disappear in m

y unit entirely though.

As the above record indicates, bed bug epidemic was already happening before I moved into the buidling. So, when I reported the itchness in June, I could have got proper treatment in the first place. I think denial is a big problem when it comes to bed bugs.

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Yes, there are bedbugs in this building. The management had to treat almost our entire floor (if not all of it) this March. We found bugs in our extremely clean apartment. Different tactics were used all over the floor. They used pesticide in our place--twice over a period of a week. (To their credit, the landlord paid for it.)

The entire process (particularly preparing our apartment for treatment) required hours and hours of difficult work on our part and ended up costing us at least 2500

dollars. It's July and we just found one bedbug. We tore the bed apart looking for others but haven't found any. Now we're spraying the bedroom frequently with a recommended and environmentally-safe pesticide daily, as well as taking other aggressive measures. Our mattress and boxspring are already in a bed-bug proof casing. And all of our clothing is in bags still--that's what the pest control people recommended.

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