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August 3, 2011

Stayed overnight at a friend's place and saw a bed bug on the couch in the morning. It was adult size. I let my friend know. Unfortunately, it got away before we could get to it. Not sure if there is just the one bug though.

The bugger must've bit me a number of times that night, because I ended up with a bunch of itchy, red welts :(

MAY 28th 2010 first got bit, didnt call pest control until more frequent bites were occuring thinking it could of been mosquitos or something! i was wrong!! Informed landlord who said that they have had this problem in the past. I got treatment after treatment 7-10 days apart for a total of 6! Landlord paid for it without hesitation ($200/treatment) Took a while but now they are gone! not fun at all!!!

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