1735 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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3rd time in 2 years I found bedbugs in my apartment

I found bedbugs in my apartment here, though the last one I found was about a month ago.

The bedbugs were brought into the building by tenants that picked up pieces of furniture and clothes from the garbage bin or from the flea market. I did not bring anything from the garbage into my place and I do not have the bug problem. Unfortunately some nice and clean suites were infested too because the bugs travel from one place to another, but they got rid of the bugs by following the INSTRUCTIONS received from the pest control company. Some tenants did not even bother to INFORM the manage

r about the bug issue and these people are the main cause of the infestation. WANT to get rid of them? Throw your furniture filled with bugs, DON’T bring anymore junk into your place and follow the damn INSTRUCTIONS from the pest control guys!

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There are bed bugs in 85 percent of all apartments in downtown area and most of the times people like you bring it in with old furniture from movie theatres planes etc. Iknow this mgmt. sprayed all suites that reported the problems plus all suites next and below the ones with problems so I think you shouldnt make remarks without beeing informed.The company thats spraying is as good as they come and they also have a waiting list.In any case you can also move out in pest free building.

I am a reporter doing a story about bed bugs. Is there anyone in the building willing to show me the problem there? Contact me jakeatbcit@gmail.com

The building is completely infested. Most of the floors. Yes there are several apartments treated for bed bugs,as my neighbor said, but he didn't said that management is trying to find most cheapest companies which are not working properly, and in several apartments they are coming back every few weeks. Management is completely inefficient and trying to hide it, that is true, they told to everyone to shut it up about it. Is there some law against that way of silencing people?

The building is infested. There are several apartments treated for bed bugs. Management is inefficient and trying to hide it. That is resulting in infestation spreading to adjacent apartments.

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