1723 Alberni St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Have lived at the Park for about 10 years now and have never
heard of any bed bug problems

Clean modern building. We've lived here two years. Was surprised as heck to pull back the mattress and see the bugs. We bought encasements for both our mattresses and box springs and are laundering all our linens and pillows throughout the suite, as well as shampooing the carpet.

I have lived in this building for over 5 years and have never had a problem, nor have I heard of any from my neighbors.

I was thinking of buying a place here, does that mena the whole building in infested, as there are a few condo\\\'s for sale now?

i lived in vancouver for over 3 years now and i never had any problems with the bedbugs until 6 months ago when i moved to this new apartment at 1723 Alberni St. at first i got a couple of red spots on my budy and i didnt realized they were bedbugs. i went to a clinic on robson street where they told me its more like an allergy. i told them i never had any allergies in the past and they gave me a couple of pills to take at night, they didnt work. i tried sleeping on my couch and i never got the

bites on my body , thats when i looked up my problem on internet and realized that they were caused by the bedbugs. i havnt reported the bedbugs to the building managment but i called an bed bug inspector to come and take a look at my room. btw ive seen a couple of dead bedbugs under my matress.

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