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This website is a joke. Anyone can submit anything they want whether it is the truth or fiction. No requirement to register and no screening or confirming submissions. Don't trust this site. 90% of write ups are from disgruntled tenants who have never had bed bugs. If you want the truth, speak to current tenants and management, then formulate your own opinion.

Dear "undisclosed"
If you have access to internet you probably would of found out by now how to spot bedbugs, and seeing that you haven't spotted any and since you have't been back since May 27th on this forum I think its safe to assume that you don't have bed bugs, Itchy bites all over your body sounds more like dust mite allergies.

As for people complaining about silverfish, I got rid of mine within two weeks of moving in by using borax here are some instructions,



Cheers :) from the middle floor

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I live in the building concerned , and have been itching with little bites for months and yet I do not notice bugs in my mattress/boxspring...but something is biting the heck out of me!!! all over my body and it is very itchy and just how do I know if it is bedbugs and how are they discovered??? ,,,I have never had them before anywhere in my life,,so I am not educated regarding such???I do not like the SILVER FISH all over the place , can we not press management to have them sprayed?? When a gue

st visits , they let out a yelp assuming that it may be a fast moving cockroach,,,,silver -fish should be erradicated from 1661 burnaby ,,,they have gone on long enough!!Why does management not put an order in to get rid of the silver fish?

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Dear Residents of Kevin Manor,

I am the one who put up the posters. I did not mean to anger or offend anyone but simply wanted to get everyone informed and aware concerning something that could potentially affect everyone in this building. Just read the report for 1650 Burnaby Street, another building owned by the same property management and how delayed information had caused the whole building to be plagued with trouble (and bed bugs)

I came across the report for our building offchance b

ecause I was browsing it casually as I was recommending this site to a friend as a tool to help her decide on a new apartment, and I was slightly shocked that management did not inform any of the other tenants of the situation when it was happening back in Feb. (one single bug or not) We are at the mercy of our neighbors and management when it concerns bedbugs, either we are informed early enough to contain the infestation, or kept in the dark until it is already too late. (thank goodness that this particular incident was not the case)

Dear "well rested" It is great to see that such a long time resident is completely confident in our property management and their Bed bug proactivness, I have had no problem with them either, however during the Olympics, do you personally know how many international friends and travelers came to visit and or stayed in this building? I don't, and it is a known fact that bedbug population in a Olympic host city increases astronomically because of the sheer number of international travelers brushing up against each other, with everyone's luggage being packed together at airports etc etc etc..
(ie. http://thetyee.ca/News/2008/05/15/BedBugs/) These are situations that are completely out of property managements control, but how do we know that when the real deal happens that management won't keep us in the dark again until a bored tenant remembers to come check their building on this website in a couple months and sees a posting and realizes that their building may be at risk.

Only after I had put the posters up urging tenants to be proactive that Management had decided to inform the whole building about the current state of the building. (which was my goal from the beginning, I wanted to know if the building was OK now, and let other people who may have wanted to know what was going on in their building) although the poster were taken down within 1-2 hours I think it got people talking, being more aware of the now larger population of Bedbugs in Vancouver who are looking for more under-informed tenants to feast upon.


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Well Rested, if you simply look at her original posting you'll find that the bug was indeed alive at the time of discovery and died shortly thereafter, contrary to what you read in he notice circulated by management. Not saying that this makes it a much larger problem but understand that misinformation shouldn't be spread. Besides, even if it were dead on discovery it's presence still irks me. My apartment is bed bug free as well but I see this as a reminder to everyone to be careful.

There are absolutely no bed bugs in this building. A woman found one DEAD bed bug on her floor months ago which was probably dead long before it showed up in her apartment. The management for this building is extremely proactive regarding any cases of bed bugs. I've lived here for ten years and have never been concerned.

Im on the 6th floor... we've checked and havent found any bedbugs.

However, we do seem to have a silverfish problem. I only ever really notice them in the washroom when I turn on the lights in the middle of the night, or sometimes in the living room. I know they are harmless, and we keep our apartment very clean and all our food sealed tightly. I am just wondering if any other units have noticed them?

Hello everyone,

I've seen the notice in the elevator and thought I should come back to update you all on what has happened since my original sighting.

The bug I found was indeed confirmed as a bed bug and after waiting about a week from confirmation with no further sightings I decided to play it as safe as possible and got someone in to treat my apartment. The agency I contacted was Vancouver Bed Bug Control and although they told me that bed bug sightings almost NEVER occur on an individ

ual basis, that PERHAPS the bug I found was a lone hitch-hiker (picked up from anywhere between the bus or a stranger brushing past at Safeway). I want to note that the man who came in to treat the place (a series of two treatments over two weeks) was extremely calm and assured me that taking action so early would most likely have stopped any further spread of the critters. The fact that we had no bites seemed only to confirm his confidence. He also assured me that treating my apartment would in no way endanger the suites surrounding and that no migration would occur.

I am extremely comforted knowing that the tenants of Kevin Manor are so concerned and willing to inform others of the actions they have taken to contain the situation. It only further quells my original fears of this building enduring the stress and toils of bb control so many others in the West End have had to face. I hope that we have seen the worst of this and would like to thank V for his help and understanding. Please be diligent and continue to check for any signs as I'm sure everyone in the building will sleep easier knowing we are safe in our beds.


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No bugs as of yet. 7th floor. Checked the boxspring & mattress, side table, dresser, baseboard in bedroom. I think I read somewhere that those pests will be anywhere within 15 feet of food (you).

Checked my place on the 9th floor. All seems normal. However, I'll continue to check over the next week just to stay on it.

My best Neighbors of Kevin Manor:

Okay I saw the notice, if you are here, you did too.

Inform yourself as to what to look for calmly.

PLEASE check your unit in the daytime as the critters will be more contained and easier to find hiding from the light.

Inspect your beds and mattresses, furniture, linen cupboards, any stored bedding, and under carpets THOROUGHLY.

For now, DO NOT bring any items into your space that may be suspect such as used upholstered furniture and clothing i

ncluding used cardboard storage boxes.

Try not to store textiles unsealed on the floor, keep them up on a shelf.

Vacuum frequently and dispose of the bags in a sealed plastic bag immediately after you have inspected it. Rinse any removable filters on your machines as well after each use and inspect.

The notion of "I have found one..." may only indicate that they have perhaps "only seen one."

Be diligent.

This was an issue for some tenants across the street in our sister building last year,
Heather House, another Glassman Property.

Proper and informed action are the key.

It is IMPERATIVE that we support the Management by doing our job as tenants to inspect our units properly and thoroughly.

It would be great to hear back from everyone here.

Report ALL sightings IMMMEDIATELY to V, he lives here too.

This is not complicated. Be PROACTIVE and responsibly thorough over the next months.

To the Management of Kevin Manor, Glassman, please inform us on the PRECAUTIONS you are taking and have maintained with our carpeted hallways, front entry, our laundry room and any and all vacant/vacated units.

To all, let us maintain our heads and report back here okay? I personally do not need to stress unneedingly.

We all want to sleep as sweetly as we usually do here at Kevin Manor. Let's continue to be good Neighbors for each other.

Thank you.

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I'm on the 8th floor and don't see anything. This person found one bedbug or so they think it was a bedbug, almost 3 months ago. Its great that the building is being so proactive but one bug with no other complaints is hardly a reason to overreact or to get too worked up about.

I live in a unit on the 7th floor, I double checked my bed, and furniture. I found nothing.

I live in this building, have you talked to your neighbors yet? (or got V to talk to them?) because this building was one of few few few building downtown that I found WITHOUT a history of BB. and the last thing I need is them is spreading.

Live on the third floor. Found one a few days ago crawling across the living room wall (shared wall with the bedroom of the apartment next door). Caught it in a cup and it died almost immediately. Very Strange. And just one of them. No other signs in the apartment and apparently there's never been a problem like this in the building before. The landlord and his pest control guy don't seem to think it's a big deal and have just given a few sticky bug catching pads to us to monitor the situation.

I'm hoping it's a freak occurence but I doubt it. Pretty sure it came from a neighbors place because there are zero other signs in the entire apartment. I'm considering getting the Vancouver Bed Bug Control people in but can't seem to find any reviews on how effective their treatment is. Seems like a lot of money to spend on simply hoping they won't come back in from wherever the hell they came from. I'm trying to stay calm but I'm totally freaking out here. Should I just spray the place on my own dollar and get it over with? The company has a guarantee and apparently treat the apartment with some sort of barrier to prevent them from crossing back over once they're outta here.

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