1623 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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the landloard in this building is a piece of sh!t he said he knows theres bugs in this building and doesnt give a shIt because he has money and doesnt have to live in here with the rest of the scum bags. I aksed him why he doesnt get pest control here and he said becuase he wouldnt be able to afford high class hookers and he didnt want to be seen picking up girls on hastings anymore. He had a strong smell of booze and his pupils were highly dialated. I couldnt belive what I heard I was discusted


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Any bed bug issues were dealt promptly. Manager was on it ASAP !!

Building hasn't had anymore issues since which was 2 years ago....

I have just reported bed bugs to my property manager. I noticed bites on my arms about two weeks ago and thought they were mosquito bites, and last night I found an infestation of bed bugs on my box spring. I have done my research and I am sure that this is definately a case of bed bugs. From what I have read on this site, this building has had cases of bed bugs since 2008. My land lord said he will call pest control to give them my phone number, I imagine that I am not the only person with this

problem in the building, considering how easily bed bugs spread. YUCK!

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Had bed bugs in this unit in the spring 2007. The suite got treated a few times until the problem went away. This spring the bugs came back and we got treated twice since then.
We can only conclude that the bugs have been in this building for over a year and that seldom treatment of the suites that report bites is just not the right solution. Some people might think the bites are mosquito bites and not report them.

#208 - girlfirned got bitten over 6 week period, but no ther evidence, until we saw them at 1am in the morning 4 days ago.

Still have not been treated. continue to live with bites, no sleep & stress. Extreme stress.

"Landlord" is not very helpful. not definitive date on spraying, won't be here to let them in, hasn't supplied anything for preperation, (i.e. bug killer, dicatimous earth, free laundry as we have over 20+ loads to wash & dry)

Bedbugs have been in about 8 of the suites in th

is building since September of last year. The entire building has not been sprayed. Only units which report them.

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