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We used to live in this building as well, and moved primarily because of the mouse issue. We saw our first mouse the day after we moved in, and at their worst we were seeing several a day running across the floor. One ran over my foot once in the kitchen while making coffee in the morning. It was so nice when I finally moved to be able to leave a loaf of bread on the counter, and not to have to sweep up mouse droppings constantly. I really hope the problem is fixed - it's such a lovely old b

uilding in a great location, and I would hate to see it continue to go downhill.

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Dear Leigh,

You are definitely making progress. We used to deal with silverfish and mice; now we have progressed to silverfish, mice and moths. Keep up the good work!

FYI- After the "Pest Control" person came to do a "check on the poison traps in each apartment" (NOTE: the management does not disclose the rodent infestation nor the silverfish or moth problems) Mice suddenly started to appear within a couple of weeks- not dead mice (which is gross enough) LIVE MICE and they could be heard chewing/gnawing within the walls- gross and very bad sign.

Look up what a mouse infested building means to your health and the condition of a building, remember this build

ing is 100 years old and has the old original wiring from 1912- oh yeah, they tapped the original outlets to add more outlets in the units- old wiring still works- mouse chews wire sparks.... check out the facts- you will NOT want to live in a building that has these issues.

There are lots of issues here and the mice are just the tip of the iceberg- unhealthy and disgusting tip of the iceberg.

If you don't care about living amongst vermin- then go ahead- go ahead and have mice and more for your roommates.

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Please don't be fooled by Leigh's post. It is not accurate. While some measures have recently been taken, it's only because tenants are starting to complain via this post. Wow - some brave soul actually called the city. I don't know who you are, but thank you for not being intimidated by management. Management has a "Less is More" policy when it comes to addressing problems as well as general upkeep and maintenance. For example, in all the years that we've lived here, the exterior windows

have never been cleaned and little has been done to maintain or update our apartment. Yesterday, I found mouse droppings in both the bathroom and the kitchen. So no, you are not making progress! Something should have been done when the first mouse was spotted darting across the room in the ground floor suite. Now the critters live throughout the building.

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Hello all,
My name is Leigh and I am currently overseeing pest control for your building.We have made great progress this year at sealing all the exterior holes to prevent new rodent access and trapping etc. rodents already within.
It is untrue that nothing is being done,and that the manager does not care as she lives there too.
yours faithfully

No, that is not cheap though when i lived there it was much less than 1700. Our suite was 960 a month for two bedroom so we dealt with the mice and Lucy to a degree but even then it got to be too much. At 1700 I would be going to bc tenant act to get justice for mice!

$1745/month is not cheap. More needs to be done to combat the mouse problem!

I lived in this apartment building for 7 years until finally I couldn't take it anymore. 1) Like everyone said the mice infestation was so bad that I literally would see at different times during the day, for 8 months solid, 3-4 mice NOT running but leisurely roaming around the kitchen, living room area and our bedrooms as if they had grown comfortable to their surroundings. Running on the top of our couches, one literally sat by my foot and I was so shocked I laughed, just out of the sheer mad

ness that we had to deal with! When I hired an eco-friendly cleaning company they came in and nearly refused to do the job before I begged for them to stay as they said the mice infestation was far too gone and too dangerous -- They moved one dresser and the carpet went from off white to a square of BLACK from the droppings! And when I complained the first time, Lucy, the landlord from hell, did not take it seriously and at one point put sticky traps around our place and I do not agree with these traps as they are, in this day and age with being ethical... are barbaric and not a solution for that kind of infestation! One day I found a baby mouse stuck, alive and I had to take it outside and if you are a lover of all living things, even if disgusting, I do not believe in making something suffer like that or having us have to deal with the disposal! FINALLY after 8 months she got someone in and the pest control were FREAKED OUT when they saw how bad it was! That's like going in for a regular check up at the doctors and having the doctor be freaked out -- NOT GOOD!

2) Lucy the manager that has been there for I believe at least a decade and the owner (male) I believe have a personal relationship therefore allows for her to take advantage in every way possible with attendants - She is rude, she is controlling and verbally abusive. She entered my apartment without notice several times and how I found out is she would contact me after and demand me to change something that is not even her business or related to the management. I could go into this more but she she may look sweet but she uses intimidation and verbal abuse to push people around and I'm pretty sure is the anti-christ. I do not take these words lightly, just saying.

3) I lived there again 7 years, never had the place painted, no new carpet, nothing fixed, no new stove even though ours was built in cave-man days and fit maybe a pizza pop, lived with no towel rack, no window screens, constant spiders coming in etc etc etc etc. Even when we originally moved in the place wasn't clean so we hired cleaners and then when we moved out, we cleaned just as good as professional cleaners but it wasn't good enough so she forced us to get cleaners EVEN THOUGH we did a good job AND again when we moved in it wasn't even close to being cleaned - Dirty fridge, stove, floors etc.

**No bed bugs from when I lived there but bad management and mice yes**

DO NOT LIVE IN THIS BUILDING IF UNDER SAME MANAGEMENT --- YES IT IS CHEAP, YES IT LOOKS CUTE AND YES IT'S GREAT LOCATION... just think, the world is fair, nothing comes for free! Learned my lesson. Goodluck!

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The city inspector's last mouse/ rodent report for this address is January 29, 2012- one can call the city of Vancouver inspector's office to confirm pest report at this address. The situation here is bad and the owners and management disregard the issue and leave the tenants living in mouse infested apartments- health risk to all who live here. Tenants of this building- please call the city inspector's office and report the mouse and other issues- tenants have rights and tenants must unite to g

et this issue resolved.

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I am glad I discovered this site. What a relief that I am not the only one that is fed up with the infestation of mice. A Suite is vacant but no one is renting it. Not surprised.

The mice hunt continues. It has not been fixed. People are moving out because of the mice. Management is not taking it seriously. Absolutely a health risk. Children in building are at risk.

mice, mice and more mice - many residents here have complained about them for quite some time. guess if one doesn't mind living with vermin in a very expensive building so be it. peppermint oil is not a long term solution folks this building is infested from the basement to the top- gross.

The rodent / mouse infestation in this building is on all floors.
Asthma sufferers don't ever live in mouse infested building! For the $ paid in rent there is no excuse at all. Health is more important. Plenty of other nice apts. in area that aren't mouse or bed big infested.

6th Feb 2012. We have had an issue with a few mice in our apartment but nothing major. We put cottonballs with peppermint oil around our apartment & have not seen a mouse since. No issue of bedbugs at all.

Mouse infestation at this address - over four years.
You would think it was a hovel. This has gone on since November 2007 or even longer as I lost track. I have complained numerous times. I have phoned the city. Beware. The problem has not and is not being fixed. The rent is high and I have the right to a vermin free existence. NOT ENOUGH IS BEING DONE

Mouse infestation continues. The problem is not being addressed!

Not only is there a mouse infestation, there is also a silverfish infestation too. The building ownership changed about a year ago.

The owners have NOT eliminated the problem- it is spreading throughout the building.

No bedbugs in this building that I am aware of. There is however a mouse infestation. The landlord/owner will not do anything about it. Even with all of our food in rubbermaid containers they are still in our apartment all the time.

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