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Bed bugs on 9th and 10th floor of Laurier. Don't move here.

Awful management, will lie through their teeth.

I live at Beach Towers. I see bugs call ocfice English lady very rude. I ask for manager they say he not in. Do not no what to do. Dirty building not nice people. I will move out.

I am a CLEAN FREAK and was terrified when I noticed a bug that resembled something of a bed bug on my kitchen counter. I contacted the Beach Towers Rental Office last Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 as I was concerned I might have bed bugs. The very next day, a pest control man came to take a look and THANKFULLY NO BED BUGS!!! He told me it was a grain beetle which look similar to bed bugs. What a HUGE RELIEF!!! Thank you Beach Towers for being so prompt. I appreciate the quick response.

I have worked in the hotel industry for 20 years and I am also a long time resident of Beach Towers. I work in a five star, high end hotel in downtown Vancouver. Believe or not, we have had cases of bed bugs in our hotel. It is an unavoidable reality. We take proactive measures to correct the problem as soon as we become aware of it. It is an epidemic that is not going away.

Out of natural curiosity, and as a concerned West End resident, I checked to see if Beach Towers had been flagged for

bed bugs. I was a little surprised to see Beach Towers listed and extremely upset to see such vicious remarks. Anonymous,slanderous comments are not only cowardly but are harmful to Beach Towers and its residents. I have lived here for 15 years and plan to make this my home for many more years to come. I have NEVER had bed bugs in my apartment, nor have any of my neighbours. And, having been a resident for so long, I actually know my neighbours!

After reading the comments a few weeks back, I visited the office to try and discern what is really happening with the bed bug situation. From what I gathered, management is taking every precaution and makes every effort possible to eradicate the problem immediately. They assured me that out of the four buildings, they get a report of bed bugs several times a year which is very positive in my opinion. It seems like they take the bug situation very seriously, and cover the cost of the treatment. I rarely visit the office, but when I do, I have always found the staff pleasant, competent individuals.

While I cannot speak for all residents, I do know that many of us love living at Beach Towers and it is a place that we proudly call home.

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Bedbugs and centipedes and cockroaches, clogged toilets and drains, leaky bathtubs, faulty unsafe old electrical system, intrusive new smart meters, substandard arrogant abusive discriminatory surly lazy management, carpet mould and general filth while claiming otherwise, dirty radiators, noisy neighbours, falsified or mysteriously absent records and documents, chipped concrete despite extensive noisy repairs, lies lies lies, peeling low-quality paint on the balconies, non-functional ugly water

fountains, dead rats in the health club pool, some of the softest concrete in town, ancient entry system requiring a paid phone, insecure parking garage area, constant elevator repairs, disallowed security feed to residents, smelly dirty basement storage areas, overworked staffers and their superb insider gossip, overpriced and undersized laundry machines with hardly a rinse cycle, regular rent increases in exchange for diminished living quality, ever more rules and regulations probably inconsistent with law, intrusive inspections for no good reason but to check up on selective tenants, unauthorized keys floating around, old locks that get jammed, no screens on windows or balcony doors in this dusty beach area, yet more cellphone antennas on rooftop, rather slow internet service, unknown people trying their keys in many doors, neutered supposedly independent security service that takes orders from the management office, suppressed reports of various problems with no action taken, no building managers any longer in each individual building, too many police appearances at this problematic building complex, false fire alarms, drug dealers and hookers, vandalism and theft and graffiti, long-term tenants fleeing the sinking ship, etc etc etc. Oh, did I mention bedbugs? Business as usual, I see.

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I live at Beach Towers, and when I notice I had bed bugs was about 2 months ago, I called the office and they sent the pest control the next day. He checked my suite and two of my nebors houses. The other nebor did not let them in. The pest control treated my apartment and my nebors house. They came back two weeks later to check. All was very good. We have not had any problems, very good management, and they always very nice to me and my wife. We live here for seven years and will never le


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We've been here at Beach Towers for over 5 years, and in the last half of our tenancy, the management has changed, and become even worse than the original owners.

There seems to be a persistent and secret bedbug problem here. We believe that one of our neighbours was the origin of this floor's infestation. Management were quite unresponsive to our complaints, and we had to assume the cost of our suite's cleaning. We didn't trust the chemical solution, so we cleaned EVERYTHING, and obtained se

veral containers of a commonly available garden remedy, called diatomeceous earth, which sells for about 10 bucks per container known as Insectigone.

It is chemical-free, and works by simple physical abrasion on almost all exoskeleton insects. Yes, it's messy and dusty and takes a while, but after several applications and cleanings, our problem has finally vanished, no thanks whatsoever to the incompetent and secretive management. We pity those whose problem here is even worse.

Does anyone else here find it suspicious, that certain reports have praised the idiot crew in the luxury office downstairs? Maybe management itself "reported" a problem here, and thanked themselves for their supposed proficiency in dealing with this persistent problem. We have personally witnessed how they treat the over-charged tenants. Once, we entered the management office just as an irate young woman left, after what seemed like an argument. Staff simply mocked and insulted her, and promptly shut up when we entered the office. Their incompetence and idiocy is both breathtaking and a well-established pattern. We would advise potential renters to skip this dump and to look elsewhere. Written repair requests are often ignored, and when asked they state that they have no record of such a complaint.

For those with similar problems here at Beach Towers, may we suggest a few things? Total hermetic sealing is helpful, by using an expanding foam or similar product, to seal all openings and gaps to adjoining suites, around radiator pipes and underneath sinks and in outlets (which seem to be unsafe); using a door-flap of some sort to seal off the hallway floor, as well by using a black foam molding around one's entrance door; and using natural non-chemical remedies as far as possible. It's helpful, for legal reasons, to document the problem with witness statements, including photos and video with 3rd party verification, and insisting that all communication (regarding any matter at all) be in writing, keeping receipts for potential reimbursement, and being prepared to hold them responsible before the Residential Tenancy Board.

It's true about the crude elevator graffiti, which is quickly removed by the cleaning staffers. There seems to be more of an alcohol problem rather than drugs and hookers, but who knows.

We are thoroughly unimpressed with recent management, even the new testosterone-challenged fat guy who seems to enjoy lording it over the plebian rent-payers which provide for both his inflated salary and gut. We pity the occasional young trainees in-office, and confirm that virtually all management here is NOT performing due diligence and have abandoned their duties and integrity, if they ever had any. The cleaning and maintenance crew seem OK and are certainly busy enough. The office management is the root of the problem, but what do you expect from a large and greedy corporation?

We plan to move, especially since the new owners keep pestering City Hall to increase the density here with even more unintelligent and greed-based development plans. Good luck to the remaining tenants. Prospective renters would be well advised to look elsewhere. It's a lovely location, but management sucks, all sizes.

Sue them!

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Moving out so I had posted my bed for sale and was contacted by the tenant directly above my suit in Douglas House. She had to have her apartment gutted and carpets replaced, sprayed etc due to bedbugs in the month of May. No notice was circulated by management to inform other tenants. Sold my couch to a fellow on the 12th floor of Douglas House 2 days later and he had the same experience. Gutted the apartment, new carpets etc but still no information from management to other tenants. For the mo

nth of May there has been graffiti in the elevators stating Beach Towers= Bedbugs and Drugs. I spoke to management about it and was told there was one case of bedbugs a year and a half ago. Thankfully I have not had an issue but check daily for signs of them. Seems that management is not being honest about the issue and is only dealing with the issue on an individual apartment basis instead of treating the entire floor.

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We beat the bed bugs at Beach Towers. We think of ourselves as clean people and were shocked when we discovered some bugs on our bed sheets. We believe we might have brought them in when we came back from staying in a hotel in L.A. We then notified the office to let them know what we had found. We were also worried that we might have to pay out of pocket for the expense of spraying our suite. We were told that Beach Towers would cover the entire cost of the spraying. We were given a form to sig

n. We then contacted the man who does the spraying and he was very helpful in letting us know what needed to be done. It was very time consuming getting our suite ready but well worth it. We needed to put all of our clothing into bags and put into the bathtub. We also needed to pull everything away from the wall and into the middle of the room and to unplug appliances. We were advised to get rid of our mattress and couch. Both the couch and mattress had seen better days so we decided to part with them. After the spraying we had to wait for 6 hours to return back to our apartment. The next day we bought a new mattress and cover and waited a few more weeks to buy a new couch(just to ensure we had no more bed bugs). It has been about 7 months now and we have had no more problems with bed bugs. We are extra careful when we travel. When we return home from a trip we wash our clothes in hot water right away and vacuum our apartment every second day.
We have lived at Beach Towers for over 4 years. We love the location-it is very peaceful and a lovely place to live. We talked to our neighbours and their suites were also inspected. Thankfully their suites were ok.
We realize bed bugs are a common occurrence in the West End and we are glad that the management at Beach Towers were ardent in their effort to eradicate them from our suite.

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I have been having a bedbug problem in Laurier House since June 2010. I informed the management as soon as I discovered the bugs, however after 4 spraying the problem still persists. The management is trying its best to keep this huge problem as a secret and do not inform the tenants accordingly. In my case they did not even check my next door neighbours' apartments after I told them I had bedbugs. but sure enough once they got them checked (after I insisted to do so too much), they discovered b

edbugs in my next door units as well. this is not being proactive. I hold the management responsible for worsening the problem by not being proactive and for not having a solid strategy such as regular spraying of floors and even units until the situation becomes manageable.
The bedbug situation in Laurier House is really bad and getting worse.

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February 22, 2011

There are bed bug exoskeletons and other obvious evidence in my mattress in the Laurier tower. The management knows about the problem from the previous report in January. They sent Two inspection notices for February 10th and 17th asking us to remove bed linens, but they didn't mention bed bugs to us and still haven't addressed if they plan to do anything about it. I have been sleeping on the couch in the meantime.

Saturday, January 29 2011. Laurier Tower. Had been experiencing itchy bite-like spots but uncertain as to cause and where these may have come from. Bed bugs were suggested as a possible cause by doctor.

Watched an internet video to get some sense as to what these bugs look like and where they might lurk, tips on looking for bug excrement and exuvia (cast off exo-skeletons).

Changing bedding exposed one bed bug (quite positive on the ID) on top of mattress. Boxspring was directly o

n carpet and when lifted up revealed several others. Excrement noticed on wooden nightstand/tables and bed bugs exposed when tables were lifted up.

Have not yet contacted bldg management to advise of problem, but will do so. Have temporarily removed box-spring and mattress to balcony and am wishing for a strong vacuum cleaner!

Now to figure out next steps for treating my apartment (etc.). As a part-time resident, I hope the bugs have not travelled with me to my other residence.

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We received a notice too and thankfully nothing was found. The building management was awesome in making sure that our suite was clean and found NO bed bugs!!

We once lived in a building in the West End where the management was not proactive at all. We constantly heard of suites becoming infested and it seemed nothing was ever done. Since moving to Beach Towers we have had no problems whatsoever.

We recived notice on Aug 19/10 that bedbugs had been reported in some units in Douglas Tower. The apartments were checked and those that have them were informed on Aug 23/10
The exterminator is scheduled to arrive on Aug 26/10

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