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What is it like now? I saw a posting for an apartment here on Craigslist and was going to go look at it.

we have never seen bedbugs in our appartment.it is quite clean and if there is something the manager will help us to remove it.they can come from anywhere.some of them may come with guests and pets.so it is the tenant's responsibility to keep the building safe and clean.avoid bringing any used marerials home please.

This website is a joke. Anyone can submit anything they want whether it is the truth or fiction. No requirement to register and no screening or confirming submissions. Don't trust this site. 90% of write ups are from disgruntled tenants who have never had bed bugs. If you want the truth, speak to current tenants and management, then formulate your own opinion.

There was a bedbug infestation on the second floor last month (August/September, 2010) - the manager chose to only spray four suites (the infested suite plus the three surrounding suites - did not spray all of the suites on the second floor). Not sure why the management company is not spraying the ENTIRE BUILDING as all research confirms that the bugs will just move to another non-sprayed suite?

Manager says it is not a problem - very concerning. I have found live bed bugs on the second floo

r since the spraying. Not sure what action I can take to make management company deal with this issue properly?

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I live on the 9th floor of this building for one year, and I have never experienced any bed bugs.

Bedbug Bad Dream Story!!!

I live on 1540 Davie Street - Vancouver, BC, V6G 1V7 in the Minton Apt (9 floors) building, owned by Colliers International (since Oct. 2007).
In the morning of April 2nd 2008, two weeks ago, I woke up feeling unpleasantly itchy. While still in bed I kept to scratch my arms and legs irresistible. Quickly, I went to washroom to check in the mirror and my arms and legs were full of red spots; some of them were bleeding. Later on while I was making my bed it surprised

me to see plenty bloody dots all over my bed sheet. The very next day I left my work and went to see the doctor in walking in clinic on Seymour street. The lady Doctor did not give me straight answer saying that it might be: food allergy, soap allergy or bedbugs. I told her that I never had any allergies and I did not see any bugs in my apartment. She prescribed: Reactine pills against allergies and Betaderm crème against itch. Since it did not help much, I visited walking in clinic again, after 5 days. This time it was another Doctor and she insisted that those are bedbugs bites; so she prescribed some pills and strong ointment. It help a lot, but I still was getting new itchy spots every day and kept looking for those bugs that I never her about. Finally, yesterday, I found two of them and captured them to show to the Building Manager. After talking to my roommate I found out that he killed two during the same night. We invited our Building Manager and he confirmed that those are bed bugs. Care Pest & Wildlife Control Ltd will be treating our suite on the Tuesday morning, April 22nd. Those last two days I am reading everything related to those hard to get rid of blood suckers. Even though my roommate and me are eager to follow all Bedbug Preparation Instructions; for our benefits of course, we are kind of pessimistic that those treatments will work out, unless they decide to treat all building, or at least apartments on our floor and apartments below and above of ours. It is not luck of trust in our Building Manager, but he is new here and he might try to keep low profile, due to danger of bad reputation of Minton Apt and Colliers International Company. It would move away current tenants and potential future tenants. So we intend to let know other tenants in order to make bedbugs infestation high priority; and possible to find out did anybody else have same problem. Actually, in report Submitted by "Anonymous" on 08/21/2007 the lady mentioned that she reported it the Summer of 2004. I can just calculate that previous owner of the Building 'Minton Apartments, either didn't do anything about her complain or they did terrible job and filthy blood suckers are back and trusty. Let us wait and see how the new owners 'Colliers Macaulay Nicolls in Trust' will deal with this serious situation now. That was my story which I wish were only a bad dream. -:(

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My husband started showing bites that we thought were mosquito bites, until we found these disgusting creatures. Because we didn't know what they were at the time, we kept one in a ziploc bag and showed it to the landlord of the building. Then is when she told us bedbugs had been a big problem in the building, mainly caused by one neighbor with very questionable cleaning habits. Because we hadn't complained about them she thought we were not having problems and she never mentioned the issue to


We were sprayed a few times, and every time they would disappear for a while but would eventually come back.

We don't know whether the building has eradicated the problem or not since summer of 2004, but considering the situation, I doubt it.

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