1501 Haro St
Vancouver, BC V6G

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Have lived here for 3 years with never any sign of a bed bug. We once had someone come in to check our apartment when apparently a sighting had taken place on another floor. Management has been proactive and takes very good care of the building.

A tenant on the 16th floor reported a sighting of a single bed bug at the beginning of 2012. A thorough search on the 16th floor by exterminators revealed no spread of it. Relief here!

Reports that there are bed bugs on the 10th floor of this building. Hoping it doesnt spread.

I have lived in this building for the last two and a half years, there are no bed bugs here. Moving out of my beautifully renovated two bedroom apartment at the end of this month and throughout my entire stay I only encountered one silverfish.

This is watched closely by management who don't tell the truth.

What happened? What do you mean by another?
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Apartment Bldg.
Another infestation found in January 2010

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